Quality Time on the Mobile Teaching Big Rig

Quality Time On The Mobile Teaching Big Rig

Wed 26 Mar 2014

Story by Joeleen Helmick

About a year ago, my family began to cook healthier meals, knowing fully that we needed to change the way we ate. My daughter Alyssa, 12, loves to cook, and she helps me in the kitchen with dinner most nights. When my friend Hillary told me about the cooking classes offered on the Big Rig, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for Alyssa and I to do something we both enjoy doing; maybe we would learn something new in the process.

We took 4 classes and really enjoyed some quality time together doing what we both love. We learned many things in the classes that we were able to take home and use in our daily cooking. Also, for Christmas we gave Alyssa a paring knife with her name engraved on it, so it was nice that the teacher on the Big Rig also covered some basic kitchen safety and knife skills.

In one of the classes, we met Congresswoman Doris Matsui who was there to observe (and ended up cooking at a station next to us!). We also met local chef and restaurant owner Patrick Mulvaney, a guest on the Big Rig, who was nice enough to come over and give us some tips. He taught Alyssa how to deglaze a pan, which she was excited to do at home and has done so many times since.

Alyssa also goes grocery shopping with me and picks items that she uses to make variations of the recipes we made on the truck. We had a wonderful experience together that created lasting memories for us. It was great to get ideas for more fresh and healthy foods and the staff on the truck was wonderful.

About the Author: Joeleen Helmick lives in Antelope, CA. Her family enjoys cooking together; in fact, Alyssa has taken multiple cooking classes and would like to go to culinary school in the future.


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