Raising Funds For The Food Revolution With A 3D Dinner

Raising Funds For The Food Revolution With A 3D Dinner

Tue 20 Dec 2011

Story by Anya aka G0lubka

I've always enjoyed cooking as an inspiring, rewarding, and relaxing activity. Healthy cooking specifically has been my passion for a number of years. With the creative input of my older daughter, I started to write the blog Golubka as a way of sharing my cooking and reaching a like-minded audience.

The blog quickly became much more than a recipe site. We found many friends in our readers and gained tremendous support worldwide. To our surprise, Golubka made Saveur magazine's list of best food blogs of 2011, and was listed by Bon Appetit magazine as one of the best vegan and gluten-free blogs. This rapid turn of events inspired us to go further with our story and use the recognition to turn public attention to the artistry of healthy food.

My friend Natalie and I, both mothers of toddlers, have had to deal with society's generally negative take on bringing up children with healthy eating habits. Things like take-out Pizza Fridays at a daycare for two year olds and overall resistance towards a better way of feeding kids, have often left us frustrated. Meanwhile, our children feel very comfortable eating "green", no matter the environment they are in. This dissonance gave us the idea to take a different approach to presenting real, healthy food in a totally non-offensive light by making it desirable and appealing to everyone.

3D: Dinner-Decor-Delight

We started an organization called 3D: Dinner-Decor-Delight. Our main goal is to teach people that nutritious food can and should be delicious and visually pleasing. The fact that it makes us feel healthy and is better for our planet is a wonderful bonus. We thought of marrying Natalie's extraordinary vision as a conceptual designer with my love of cooking to further showcase food in its pure, most natural form.

At 3D events, we provide an interactive dining experience, where the guests are involved in the process of preparing a nourishing and delicious meal for themselves, which is then enjoyed at a sit down dinner. To further the 3D concept and tell a visual story, we decided to only use three colours in both decor and food. The colours will always be dictated by nature and seasonality. This non-conventional approach is meant to attract more diversity among our guests and readers.

Our desire is to take the negative hue out of the term "healthy," and to tell a visual story at each event. At our first 3D gathering, our guests loved the idea of interactive cooking, the thought behind our design, and enjoyed all the vibrant dishes they prepared. As a test run, the event generated a great amount of interest, proving that we're on the right track.

From that, we took a step forward, working as a non-profit organization with the goal of donating all the proceeds from our future events to Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation. It was easy for us to make this choice, as the philosophy of the Food Revolution very much corresponds with our own. We're thrilled to be a part of such a noble movement, and even though not many people in our area of Florida are yet familiar with Food Revolution, we certainly hope to change that.

As we plan an official fund raising event for February, we continue to work on our portfolio in the meantime, organizing similar gatherings for friends and family. The recent 3D event was centered around homemade and most nutritious bread possible and was held in a rustic setting, telling the story of friendship and simplicity.

The February event will be held for couples around Valentine's Day. Our main inspiration will be the beauty and sensuality of Argentinean tango. Right now, we are working on innovative ways of delivering this intriguing concept to our guests by designing our menu and decor in three seasonal colours, signature to 3D. We are incredibly excited and cannot wait to share the results and contribute to J.O. Food Revolution.

About the author: Anya is the creative blogger behind G0lubka and is passionate about feeding kids nourishing food and very concerned about the state of school lunches in our country. She decided to start hosting interactive gatherings called 3D Dinner, Decor, Delight, where our guests do both the cooking and the eating, all the while learning about healthy ingredients.

Images from G0lubka


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