San Francisco Says “Tutti a Tavola!” for Food Revolution Day 2013

San Francisco Says “Tutti A Tavola!” For Food Revolution Day 2013

Mon 25 Mar 2013

Story by Ann Blankenship

2013 is The Year of Italian Culture here in the U.S. and what a better way to celebrate Italy than with its food! So it made perfect sense that Italian food would be the focus for this year’s Food Revolution Day here in San Francisco and thus “San Francisco A Tavola” (‘San Francisco at the Table”) was born.

Aside from being The Year of Italian Culture, I chose to focus on Italian cuisine because of its elegant simplicity. For instance, my favorite Italian dish is spaghetti aglio olio con broccoli – Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and broccoli. I’d trade this for macaroni and cheese any day. And, in my more impoverished days while in college, I prepared Minestra di Farina Tostata (Toasted Flour Soup) to see me through.

So, borrowing on the DIY, self-organizing format from last year’s Food Revolution Day, I approached local organizations and members of the food community here in San Francisco to gauge their interest in participating in San Francisco A Tavola.

I simply requested that for Food Revolution Day on May 17 they either prepare a simple family-style Italian meal for friends, family, or co-workers or organize some other event of their choosing. And, to date, the response has been extremely positive and the event has pretty much organized itself without much effort from me. So far in the works are: a porchetta party, an Italian food tour, a potluck with Italian language students, and a sit down dinner for forty. And, possibly more events will be added to our calendar as we get closer to the day.

We here at Food Revolution San Francisco welcome other ambassadors to follow suit and do their own Tavola themed event scenario but why stop at Italian? How about celebrating French, Russian, Chinese, African or Dutch cuisines?

In fact why not invite the World to your table on Food Revolution Day?

About the Author: Ann Blankenship has been involved in community arts and event planning for over a decade. During this time she assisted with and produced events for Carnaval San Francisco, Mission Creek Music & Arts Festival and CONVERGENCE Int’l Alternative Music & Arts Festival. In addition to her community arts work, Ms. Blankenship worked for 5 years as a pantry and production cook at various restaurants and food organizations in the San Francisco / Bay Area.

Photo Credits: Table Setting Photo by Viola Buitoni, Viola Buitoni w/ Kale by Janis Lewin


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