School Lunch Standards At Risk: Updates

School Lunch Standards At Risk: Updates

Tue 24 Jun 2014

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

Last month, we reported that newly updated school lunch nutrition standards were at risk. Sadly things have not improved since then. Despite huge efforts by hundreds of organisations, thousands of individuals and some members of Congress these standards – which would go a long way to improve nutritional shortfalls of kids today – remain at risk.

Act today and tell Congress not to gut school lunch standards and damage kid’s health.

Find out more about the efforts to excuse schools from meeting these nutritional standards and how you can act to prevent such action here.

A Round up of School Lunch News

Since news broke of these important school nutrition standards being at risk, the conversation has been non-stop.

You can join in online with #SaveSchoolLunch and below are a few great articles outlining the situation.

Alice Waters: The Fate of Our Nation Rests on School Lunches | TIME

Michelle Obama: The Campaign for Junk Food Michelle Obama on Attempts to Roll Back Healthy Reforms | The New York Times

Mark Bittman: Kids and … | The New York Times

Bettina Siegel: House Committee Approves Healthy School Meals Waiver; 19 Past Presidents Break With School Nutrition Association | The Lunch Tray

Jerry Hagstrom: It's Time to Protect School-Cafeteria Workers From Their Own Food Fight | National Journal

Major Gen. Tracy Strevey: National Security Will Suffer With Derailment of School Nutrition Standards | Roll Call

Bettina Siegel: Will Change in House Leadership Affect the School Food Debate? (And More Kid-Food News) | The Lunch Tray

Child obesity rates are at record-high levels and many students rely on school lunch for good nutrition, we can't afford to undo all the hard work to improve school lunch and the health of kids across the U.S. Act today to help save school lunch.

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

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