Seed Funding at Gidsy for Food Revolution Day

Seed Funding At Gidsy For Food Revolution Day

Fri 25 May 2012

Story by The Gidsy Team

Let us first start by saying that Gidsy couldn't have been happier to provide the platform where people could create local food events for Food Revolution Day. Outside of this great campaign, Gidsy is a place where anyone in the world can book and organize things to do. As for the team, we’re all food lovers and big fans of Jamie Oliver, and the majority of us are avid cooks and bakers - so it goes without saying that we were thrilled to be a part of the Revolution!

When brainstorming our contribution for Food Revolution Day, what came up again and again was gardening. What better way to stand up for real food than to start from the very beginning of the cycle?! We strongly believe that growing your own food is an inexpensive and satisfying way of improving your diet, connecting with the food you eat and learning what fresh, real food actually tastes like. Many Gidsy team members put this belief into practice by participating in urban gardening projects or building and maintaining small balcony gardens.

“Water the root to enjoy the fruit”

With this in mind, and especially given the prime time of year for planting, we thought it would be fun to organize a “Seed Funding” - a little play on words, too, because the first round of funding for startups (which we are) is called the “seed round”!

So, on the afternoon of May 19th, we welcomed a great group of people up to our office space in Berlin, and provided plenty of seeds, pots, dirt and planter tags to help kickstart some gardens - including one for our office. The “Seed Fund” was rich with a beautiful salad of fruits, veggies, greens, edible flowers and even a “mystery bowl” of seeds - all in the name of the Food Revolution!

In all honesty, I think many of us felt like kids in candy stores, except the candy in this scenario was a bounty of fruit and veggie seeds - there were so many to choose from! It was really great to get our hands dirty, create something and most importantly, meet new people and connect with our community. Everybody who attended had a great time and left the event with two, very green, thumbs up. We even raised a bit of money for the Jamie Oliver Foundation, so it was a win-win!

The Gidsy team is very honoured to have been a part of Food Revolution Day, and sincerely hope that our contribution has helped spark some thought, discussion, and actions regarding our collective right to better food.

Keep exploring,
The Gidsy Team

About the authors: The Gidsy team is a group of 11 individuals hailing from all over the world, operating out of Berlin, Germany. We are working passionately to build and grow Gidsy into a place where anyone, anywhere can find and organize unique things to do.


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