Sharing Holiday Season & Thanksgiving Tips On Twitter!

Sharing Holiday Season & Thanksgiving Tips On Twitter!

Thu 17 Nov 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

With the holiday season fast approaching and Thanksgiving just around the corner, Food Revolutionaries gathered on twitter to get in the holiday spirit Food Revolution style!

On Tuesday the Food Revolution twitter party got festive as we gathered online at 4pm PST/7pm EST to share holiday recipe tips, advice on how to get the kids involved and ideas of what to do with all those leftovers.

Check out some of the great information below to make sure you are all prepared in the run up to the holidays.

Party Questions and Some Of The Best Tweets

Q1. What are you planning to cook for Thanksgiving? (Canadians, what DID you cook?)

@SupaFreshYFarm farmer teen mamas are coming over to learn how to cook, then taking their finished products home to share with their fams.#foodrevparty

@JTFinkelstein Fresh (not frozen) turkey, chestnut/cornbread stuffing, sweet potato souffle, green bean cass love those crispy onions on top #foodrevparty

Q2. What are your favorite traditions in terms of food at this time of year?

@revampologist we are starting a new tradition this year: all veggie thanksgiving at our house!

@JTFinkelstein I love roasted chestnuts and perhaps a glass of port in front of the fireplace

Q3. Do you get all the family to help cooking the Thanksgiving feast? What jobs can u give to the kids to get them involved?

@JTFinkelstein when my kids were very little they got to punch down the bread dough between the 1st & 2nd risings as their way of helping

@Lunchalicious We usually get everyone to help out! Kids can make decorations for the table, help w/ baking, planning the menu...

Q4. What seasonal ingredients will you be using in your thanksgiving feast? Do you know what is in season in your area?

@woollyschools Broccoli and brussel sprouts, for sure!

@SupaFreshYFarm seasonal in PACNW - we've got winter greens, herbs, butternut, summer squash, cabbage = turning them into salad and soup.

Check out the epicurious seasonal ingredient map to find out what is in season in your area, and local harvest to find out about local farmers markets and foods if you are travelling away from home this holiday.

Q5. What's your ONE top tip for cooking a Thanksgiving or holiday feast?

@hbdetectives Enjoy every moment.. esp., when sitting at the table and indulging the food & great company!

@justinerows Prepare as much as you can ahead of the big day so when it comes you can enjoy it with everyone.

Q6. What about leftover tips? What do you do with any leftover food from Thanksgiving?

@F5th See what u can donate 2 local soup kitchen + freeze some / repurpose some (turkey noodle soup, etc)

@justinerows Chop turkey, freeze for soup & casserole. Potato pancakes. Carrot & beet salad w/ vinaigrette.

Thanks to everyone for joining the party and sharing their tips! We hope you are all getting as excited for the holiday season and enjoying some good food with the family as we are!
Don’t forget to share all your Thanksgiving and holiday meals on our Food Revolution community page, along with your favourite recipes and top tips!

Happy Holidays!

The Food Revolution Team


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