Sparking Change in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sparking Change In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mon 07 Jul 2014

Story by Adriana Zamberlan and Nadia Cozzi

Grupo CoCriacao

The Co-Creation Group (Food and Sustainability Group CoCriacao), in São Paulo, Brazil objective bring information on nutrition and healthy cooking at home that arouses, educates and changes the way people eat.

We are what we eat

Everything that we eat becomes part of our body: the bones, the blood, the tissues and the essence of our more subtle biochemical metabolism. Our diets have a direct effect on our mood, temperament, impulses and thoughts. How we eat determines the quality of our life as a whole and our health in particular. That is why we focus on helping bring information about nutrition and healthful lifestyles to the public.

A meeting to spark change

On October 19th, 2013, we held the first Meeting of Web Sites, Blogs, Social Networks and Professionals of Healthy Feeding in Sao Paulo. With the support of the Council Members of Sao Paulo, we were able to bring together activists and health professionals for this amazing event. The focus of the event was to bring information to the public about how food is an important factor in maintaining the health and preservation of the environment. A table was set with a range of organic products, and the buffet served was fully sustainable.

Speakers at the event worked to raise awareness of the problems caused by transgenic and industrialized pesticides. They were chosen for their line of work and also because of their influence in social media, which enables the public to get involved and promotes knowledge about issues in this area. The topics covered included food supply in pregnancy, breastfeeding, the influence of food marketing, consumer rights and the problems of chemical additives, and genetically modified seeds and pesticides. The themes discussed at this first meeting were extensive, controversial and, above all, exciting. We made the most of the time by responding to questions from the audience formed by doctors, nutritionists, chefs, nutrition students, journalists and mothers.


Food Revolution Day 2013
• 17/05/13 - George Restaurant - Event open to the public with food tasting organic. Lectures about Healthy Eating.
• 18/05/13 - Organic Products Fair conversations with the public.
• 19/05/13 - Tasting of Artisanal Breads and Pizzas

Other activities during the year 2013

13/07/13 - Wheel Talk – Breastfeeding
10/08/13 - Lunch healthy school
21/08/13 - Taking charge of your health
28/09/13 - Healthy kid's parties
19/10/13 - First Meeting of Web Sites, Blogs, Social Networks and Professionals of Healthy Feeding in Sao Paulo

Food Revolution Day 2014
14/05/14 - Healthy Cooking - Eating and Sell - Celebration of needy mothers Salvation Army
16/05/14 – Rescuing culinary values and food intolerances
16/05/14 – Hangout Fechando o Zipper - Unravel labels and make healthier choices at the supermarket
16/05/14 - Food Revolution Day in organic farm - Artisanal Breads
16/05/14 - Food Revolution Day and breastfeeding
16/05/14 - Fair day
16/05/14 - Healthy Lunches

... On 11/10/14 we have the 2nd Meeting of Web Sites, Blogs, Social Networks and Professionals of Healthy Feeding in Sao Paulo.

About Group CoCriacao
Food and Sustainability Group CoCriacao began after Food Revolution Day 2013. We’ve promoted various activities and virtual meetings since then in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul. Since our creation, we noticed that the Food Revolution can’t be restricted to just one day. It is daily work, and we need to have the necessary information to make those healthful choices.
To conclude, we leave a thought: "When we label something or a person, we lose contact with its essence. When we label food, we lose its pure energy".

About the Authors: Adriana Zamberlanand Nadia Cozzi are part of the Co-Creation Food and Sustainability Group in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Adriana created Portal Webfilhos that offers tips to parents on raising healthy children and Nadia has three blogs: Pure Food, BioCulinaria, and Institute Pedro Cozzi Space Guive Life.


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