Sports Giants Step Up To Support Food Revolution Day

Sports Giants Step Up To Support Food Revolution Day

Fri 11 May 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

With just one week to go individuals, families, communities, companies and now sports heavyweights NFL, NHL and NBA are stepping forward to stand up for real food on May 19th!

Find out what they’re all about and why they are supporting Food Revolution Day below.


NFL PLAY 60 was launched in 2007 to help fight childhood obesity by encouraging youth to be physically active for at least 60 minutes a day. The 32 NFL clubs, together with their ownership, coaches, players, partners and fans, promote youth health, smart food choices and daily physical activity through a variety of community events and programs. The NFL is pleased to be a part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day and proud to have Atlanta Falcons Tight End Tony Gonzalez participate in the day’s activities.


The National Hockey League is committed to initiatives that preserve and protect the roots of the game, while expanding access and youth participation in the sport. For years, the League and its Member Clubs have addressed prevalent social and environmental issues affecting Fans, Players and Employees. From climate change to cancer, the League is fighting back for our community, for our family and for future generations. The NHL is proud to support an initiative which combats childhood obesity, intervening in our communities and schools to positively impact the health of youngsters through food education. The NHL supports Jamie Oliver in standing up for real food on Food Revolution Day on May 19th.


"The NBA, through its comprehensive health and wellness program NBA FIT and through our commitment to Share our Strength's No Kid Hungry Campaign, is committed to encouraging physical activity and healthy living for children and families," said NBA Senior Vice President, Community Relations Todd Jacobson.

"Diet is so important to performing at a high level and food education and access to healthy meals is so critical for kids of all ages. We are proud to support Jamie Oliver in standing up for Food Revolution Day on May 19."

The Food Revolution Day Team


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