Successful First Month For Our Ambassadors!

Successful First Month For Our Ambassadors!

Wed 29 Aug 2012

Story by Sarah Curl

Stories from the Food Revolution Community Field

We are just wrapping up an exciting month in the Food Revolution Community, which has been filled with Monthly Challenges, a new voluntary Ambassador Program and the launch of our first ever Community Google+ Hangout.

We have had Ambassadors from Slovakia and Kenya to Canada and the United States participate in the Monthly Challenges. Ambassadors made trips to their local farmer’s market, threw potlucks with family and friends and raised money for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation by downloading the Giving Assistant. Check out our Ambassador’s Facebook posts, tweets and photos below to see the recap of August’s #monthlychallenges.

August Challenge #1:

Meet 5 vendors or farmers at your local farmer’s market

Food Revolution Ambassador Stephen Manchua from Nairobi, Kenya headed to a local market in Nairobi where he met with a fruit vendor:

Local Market in Nairobi

Ambassador Lauren Cracrower from Montreal, Canada tweeted:

“Colorful tomatoes at the #atwatermarket Perfect for sauces salads and popping into your mouth #monthlychallenges”

Ambassador Alice Randall from Nashville, Tennessee tweeted:

“#IamAda @AliceRandall_ completed August's Food Revolution #monthlychallenges #FF Excited for Sept!”

Ambassador Joelle Gillooly from Saratoga, New York used her FoodRevNC Facebook page to show her trip to the farmer’s market.See some of her images above!

August Challenge #2:

Gather your friends and host a potluck where everyone makes their favorite real food recipe

Ambassador Janica Lacova from Bratislava, Slovakia posted on Facebook:

“Healthy Sunday Brunch for 40 people. We prepared a lot of healthy food: homemade bread with sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, homemade bread with walnuts and plums, seasonal vegetable soup, beetroot salad…”

Real food heaven

Ambassador Kellie Gilmore from Tampa, Florida posted on Facebook: August

“JOFR challenge complete in Largo Florida! Healthy breakfast tailgate party with 50 women in the park. Everyone was charged with bringing a healthy dish to share. Great food and fun!”

Ambassador Madalyn Turner from Charleston, South Carolina posted on Facebook: Good morning Food Ambassadors! I held a food potluck and recipe swamp this past Friday!

Ambassador Jill Gardner from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom tweeted: @FoodRev just organised a @JamieOliver at home event for#realfood #potluck #monthlychallenges :Looking forward to trying everyones fav dish

These are just a view examples of all the amazing events, stories and photos that were shared. We will continue to post photos and stories from August’s Monthly Challenges on a variety of social platforms throughout the first week of September, so keep an eye out.

A big thank you to all the Ambassadors who participated in August’s Monthly Challenges! You were the reason it was a success.

We’ll be announcing September’s Monthly Challenges next week on September the 4th so stay tuned to find out what they are and how you can get involved!

Interested in becoming an Ambassador to help kick start a Food Revolution in your community? Apply today!

About the author: Sarah Curl is the Food Revolution Community Manager for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

Twitter: @sarahanncurl


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