Teaching How To Eat Real

Teaching How To Eat Real

Wed 27 Feb 2013

Story by Chloé Sucrée

My business Chloé Sucrée started two years ago in Madrid, in a period when Spain was, in many aspects, living in one of its biggest crisis’s. However the economic crisis actually stirred a new generation of young, motivated, creative entrepreneurs into action!

When I was waiting for feedback from job applications and doing interviews in the advertising field, I started to think about something that has been in my mind for many years, and decided to unify two of my passions: organic cooking and kids.

After being diagnosed gluten and lactose intolerant, I thought it would be great to teach how to cook and eat healthy, organic, seasonal and “gourmet” food to kids, and of course…gluten free (so I was able to try and eat all the baked goodies!). Thanks to my background as a psychologist, specialized in Branding, I started building Chloé Sucrée as an Organic Food Lover and recipe developer.

Teaching How to Eat Real Again

This process is not something that happens fast, even more so in Spain, where organic cooking is something still new - organic groceries shops are just growing and people are beginning to be more conscious over what they eat. We all know that Spanish people defend their Mediterranean cuisine, which is healthy, but in general I still think we need to teach one another how to buy, cook and eat real food again.

In Spain, there is a high rate of overweight and obesity in kids and it is becoming a worrying public health problem. In my opinion, we have to fight against the sale in schools of food and drinks which have a high content of saturated fats, trans-fats, sugar and salt, and we need to teach parents how to prepare healthy and fresh meals and snacks at home!

I started doing baking workshops with kids in a famous bakery in Madrid. I just wanted to bake with them in a simple way so they could learn some basic notions about eating and cooking, while sharing moments with different children, learning to develop abilities such as patience, creativity, initiative and team work.

I don’t talk about kid food, or simplifying food… I include kids in all the processes of cooking, depending on their ages, so they are an active part of the baking creation and are more willing to learn and are more receptive. Who knows, they may even become mini chefs! For me, baking and cooking with kids is therapeutic and I have started to rediscover food, mixtures and the benefits of following a healthy and local food diet.

It has been proven that a kid who has been exposed to new foods and cooking is more open to try new flavors or ingredients and be more active in the cooking process, and it is a joy to see their faces when they open the oven and see the end result of their cooking!

Local Ingredients & Teaching Children Cooking Skills

I am dedicated to organic and fresh cooking and the celebration of good food, and I will continue to fight for better food education for kids!
My new goals are to create guidelines for schools and communities for a local workshop. I would like to help to improve the food and snacks at schools, through workshops, speeches and day trips to visit local farms.

My journey started two years ago and I’m so happy that I made the jump and started. We have many dreams, ideas or things we would like to do, however our fears or social barriers often inhibit us. So just start and don’t listen to what people say - if THAT makes you happy, go for it!

About the author: Chloé Sepulchre is27 years old, half Belgian and half Suiss and has been living in Spain for 23 years. She studied Psychology, and Communication and then I specialized in Branding and Creative Thinking before working as a strategic planner for advertising agencies. Having been diagnosed as gluten and lactose intolerant, she began to see food and cooking in a different way and believes that we need a real food movement and what better to start with our kids!

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