Teaching Parents How To Cook For #FRD2013

Teaching Parents How To Cook For #FRD2013

Tue 23 Apr 2013

Story by Adell Shneer

As a mom of three, I cooked at home, alongside my kids, hoping to share that passion and teach them a thing or two about cooking in the process. In time I realized was that I was an anomaly. Many people didn’t cook at home nor teach their children how to cook nor know how to cook themselves.

I grew up in a foodie family. My parents were in the restaurant business, and my grandmother, Baba Sarah, was as incredible cook with whom I often cooked as a child.

I got involved in Food Revolution Day 2012 in Toronto, as my beliefs and philosophy closely align with the message of the Food Revolution movement. The question was how to get the message out, and encourage others to cook for themselves, their families and their friends.

Prior to Food Revolution Day, I was a visiting cooking teacher at Unison Health and Community Services, a government funded community based organization in Toronto. I was able to volunteer my time and expertise to teach cooking classes to groups of participants.

Teaching Nutritious and Delicious Dishes

My aim was to teach moms how to cook a few nutritious and delicious dishes to share with their families and have fun in the process. I teamed up with Rochelle Reichert, a Registered Dietician at the centre, who vetted my recipes to make sure they received a nutritional stamp of approval. Once cooking was finished we sat down with all the participants and shared the meal.

Last year, for Food Revolution Day, I realized this was a perfect opportunity to marry my previous involvement with Unison Health and Community Services with Food Revolution Day. Together Rochelle and I taught a class for the Moms and Babies group. I taught the cooking component while she shared important information on infant nutrition. We provided recipes for participants to take home. I was thrilled when we got coverage by columnist Bonnie Stern in the National Post and our recipes included in the article. Linda Matarasso, a film maker and Food Revolution Day Ambassador filmed our event which was posted on YouTube here.

Food Revolution Day 2013

For Food Revolution Day this year, I am going to teach two classes at Unison, one to the Moms and Babies group and one to the Young Parents group.

The satisfaction of sharing my passion and message has been enormous.

I encourage any of you to check out your community and see what programs might already be in place that can benefit from your involvement. Look for community programs, such as Big Brothers and Sisters, Community Health, or Community Shelters. Come with an idea or plan of how and what you can contribute.

Reach out and inquire. It is the first step in fostering a relationship and partnership with your community.

Together, we can make a difference!

About the author: Adell Shneer is a recipe developer and culinary consultant in Toronto. Adell started her career as graphic designer but her love of baking and food led her to the kitchen. Adell was a member of the Canadian Living Test Kitchen for several years. In her newest endeavour, Art To Eat Cookies, Adell’s two passions, baking and art, collide in an explosion of colour and she was called The Cookie Artist, by Malcolm Jolley. In addition Adell volunteers at Unison Health and Community Centre, Food Revolution Day Toronto, and has taught cooking classes in Toronto. Adell is the proud mom of Lauren, Josh and Danny, her grown kids, who love to eat and cook real food.


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