The 2013-2014 Big Rig Tour Around California!

The 2013-2014 Big Rig Tour Around California!

Fri 30 May 2014

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

After 40 weeks on the road around California the Big Rig mobile teaching kitchen comes to the end of the 2013-2014 tour this Saturday.

6 locations, 440+ classes, 5,000+ participants, 46 JOFF Food Champions

Having spent the beginning of the tour travelling around county fairs raising awareness, free cooking classes started in October in Fresno. Since then, the Big Rig has taught local students and community members of Bakersfield, Sacramento, Merced, Los Angeles and San Diego key cooking skills and simple real food recipes.

Alongside these classes, the Big Rig team has also trained local members of the community as Food Champions.

A total of 46 food champions have been trained in Fresno, Bakersfield, Sacramento, Merced, Los Angeles and San Diego, who then helped to teach the classes on board the big rig in their city and will continue to keep the legacy alive through continuing cooking classes in their community even when the Big Rig left that city.

Find out more about the tour at, check out photos here and see below for some of our favourite quotes from the tour:

“That was so much fun!! It was great to cook alongside my class mates” – student, San Diego

“What fun! I would have never thought that cooking could be so exciting, especially with my friends” – student, San Diego

“The instructors and instructions were easy to understand and perform. This has been life changing and I see myself cooking more with naked goods and preparing scratch meals.” – Los Angeles participant

“What I love about my Big Rig cooking class is the way the instructor and champions talked about the recipes. They took the intimidation and fear out of the recipes and offered practical tips that I think appealed to every, regardless of how comfortable they were in the kitchen before arriving at class.” – Merced participant

“Food is fun, is fuel, I will live a healthier life if I stop and think about what I eat, and the Big Rig gave me the confidence I needed to cook it myself and to taste the difference of using fresh ingredients!” – student, Sacramento

“I found that cooking at home is a lot tastier, less wait and better for you I just always am in need of new ideas and this Big Rig helped me so much with that. I am very happy with my new skills!” – Bakersfield participant

“It is awesome to be a part of this movement and join with so many wonderful people helping people eat healthier.” – Fresno Food Champion

A huge thanks to The California Endowment and EMG3 for all of their amazing support of another successful Big Rig tour.

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)


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