The 3rd Annual SWAT Cook-Off 2014

The 3rd Annual SWAT Cook-Off 2014

Wed 16 Apr 2014

Story by Rhonda Meade

The Welborn Baptist Foundation’s HEROES initiative recently held the Third Annual SWAT (Student Wellness Awareness Team) Cook-Off for the high schools that are involved in the HEROES initiative. All of the participating high schools have established SWAT groups within their school.

These groups are student led/student driven teams, facilitated by a staff advisor (SWAT Commander), that are organized to promote, advocate, and develop wellness policies and programs and healthy behaviors within the school and community. The teams also assess the health needs of their prospective school community, identify priorities, and then plan health promotion strategies and activities that build healthy skills and knowledge.

The SWAT Cook-Off event consisted of a team of 2 to 4 students from each participating high school. These teams created an original healthy recipe, which includes the three main ingredients - pork tenderloin, pear and a winter squash. The schools competed to be the school with the healthiest and tastiest entrée. Local celebrities served on the judge panel, and following the event, everyone attended an Evansville Icemen hockey game. All teams went on the ice at intermission, where the winner was announced and the trophy was awarded.

The winning recipe: Chipotle Pork Tenderloin and Butternut Squash Tacos.

The HEROES (Healthy, Energetic, Ready, Outstanding, Enthusiastic Schools) Initiative assists schools in changing their culture by implementing the eight components of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Coordinated School Health Model, increasing health awareness, and presenting lifelong healthy habits to all school students and staff. The Welborn Baptist Foundation provides grants to non-profit organizations that significantly contribute to improving health and education in a fourteen county area of SE Illinois, SW Indiana, and Western Kentucky.

About the Author: Rhonda Meade is the Director of the Healthy Schools Initiative, HEROES, for the Welborn Baptist Foundation in Evansville, IN.


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