The Big Rig Heads South for Spring

The Big Rig Heads South For Spring

Thu 01 May 2014

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

Last week we wrapped up four weeks of classes on the Big Rig in South Los Angeles. We received a wonderful response from local schools that were just minutes from the Big Rig’s station at Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center. Both elementary school students from Barack Obama Charter School and high schoolers from King-Drew Medical Magnet equally enjoyed their time in on the Big Rig. As one Los Angeles participant told us, the Big Rig is “An awesome experience for all ages!”.

We had a few people from the neighborhood take all 12 classes we offer! Whether they were trying to learning some new healthy recipes or give Mom a break and cook for themselves, these local supporters truly inspired our Food Champions as they watched their skills develop. Keep your eye out for some blog posts from these Big Rig enthusiasts!

The Big Rig is committed to giving people kitchen confidence. One participant told us, “The instructors and instructions were easy to understand and perform. This has been life changing and I see myself cooking more with naked goods and preparing scratch meals.”

We’re so proud of our local Food Champions for providing such excellent instruction and for creating a friendly, nurturing environment on the Big Rig. Another participant said of their class, “The recipe was easy to follow and I got the chance to experience the use of a vegetable that I have never tasted before.”

Young or old, there is always the opportunity to try something new in the kitchen - that is what the Big Rig is all about!

This week the Big Rig will be pulling into San Diego to complete it’s final leg of the tour at Herbert Hoover High School in the City Heights neighborhood. We have already received an incredible response from the San Diego community, with the local hospital and various youth groups eager to participate and we can’t wait to see San Diego joining the fun!

Find out more about the tour at and follow @joffbigrig on both twitter and instagram for live updates from the tour in action.

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