The Food Revolution Is Hanging Out

The Food Revolution Is Hanging Out

Tue 28 Aug 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Following the success of Jamie’s first ever Google+ Hangout on Food Revolution Day we’re excited to announce our community hangout plans!

On Food Revolution Day on May 19, we hosted our very first Food Revolution Hangout where Jamie was joined by revolutionaries in America, Australia and Malaysia to talk about what the Food Revolution means to them and how important it is to communities worldwide. It was such a success, the G+ team included it in their Google+ Summer Highlights video and have worked with us to develop a plan for monthly Food Revolution Community hangouts with our first one is this Thursday!

Hanging Out With School Food

As the new school year starts, we thought what better way to kick off our community Google+ Hangouts than to talk about back-to-school. We’ll be discussing what’s in store for students as they head back to school, touch on new US meal regulations, and what parents, students and schools can all to do help implement these new rules.

So on Thursday, at 10am PT/1pm ET we’ll be joined live on air by some amazing Food Revolution heroes, partners and community members for a live interactive chat about school food!

Joining us on the first ever Food Revolution Google+ Hangout are:
• Chef Ann Cooper, Food Revolution Hero and Renegade Lunch Lady
• Marshall Reid, Portion Size me and Food Revolution Hero
• Dr Eric Rimm, Associate Professor of Medicine from the Harvard School of Public Health
• Katie Bishop, Nutrition Policy Associate from the Center for Science in the Public Interest
• Ann Butler, Food Revolution Ambassador and creator of Edible Education, and
• Jo Creed (Moderating), Social Media and Food Policy Manager, Food Revolution

We’re so excited to have these people joining us for a live interactive conversation about school food and we hope you’ll tune in to watch and be a part of the online movement! Check out the event page here.
To watch simply visit our Google+ Food Revolution Community page at 10am PT/1pm ET where the hangout will be streamed live, you can also join the conversation by tweeting to us @foodrev using the hashtag #foodrevhangout.

Although the focus for this hangout will be on the US school food system (as for the first time in 15 years big changes are being made to the food served on a national scale), anyone across the world can tune in to watch the hangout, find out some more about school food and get some top tips for small changes that can make a big difference! Plus, we’ve got some more great Google+ Hangouts lined up for the next couple of months with a global focus and participants joining from all over the world!

Did you miss Jamie’s Hangout on Food Revolution Day, watch it here and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow at 10am PT/1pm ET for some Food Revolution fun!

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Our first Food Revolution Hangout
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