The Food Revolution’s Community Voice: March Round Up

The Food Revolution’s Community Voice: March Round Up

Wed 28 Mar 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

‘March Madness’ (not the basketball kind) has sure been a theme for our community this month, with lots of activity across all of our social media channels. Our number of revolutionaries on Facebook continue to grow, we are vastly approaching 15,000 followers on Pinterest and we hit our 20,000th follower on Twitter!

This month saw the Food Revolution Community really raise their voices and help bring about real change, as they got behind one of our Food Revolution Blog of the Month winner, Bettina Siegel, and her petition to ‘Tell the USDA to STOP using ‘pink slime’ in school food’.

Pink slime, as you all probably know, has been dominating the headlines for some weeks now and our community has been voicing their concerns on this issue from the very start, here are just some of the hundreds of posts we’ve had:

Laura Herron Weber - “People coming together really does make a difference. Make no mistake, this is not because they wanted to - it is because consumers like you and everybody you inspired demanded it.”

Teresa Thomas - “Isn't it an eye opener when the producers of the slime admit on camera that they don't buy the products they make for their own families!! We do have power to help with this change...”

Susan Tang Humanely - "Raised, grass-fed beef is the way to go if you're going to eat beef."

Larissa Boccher - "Great news! So tired of companies putting additives in foods people don't know about!"

Susan Barr - "Get rid of gmo's, fake meat, buy local, organic if you can, support your family farms."

Jennifer Paul - "We are heading in the right direction. But even more so because the next generation like my daughter understands how food should be. They will continue to educate and demand better food for our country and community. Our school just started hot lunch and before they did they asked not only the adults but asked the students what types of food they should have. Every day my daughter eats the salads, veggies and loves the other new choices.

September Bauer Wilson - "Yes! Keep the fight.... and hope for healthy food for children!"

Denise Antonio - "Albuquerque Public Schools announced they are cutting out the pink slime starting next year! That's a big step for us, now to get the strawberry and choc milk options taken out and all will be good :0)"

Pamela Service - "To Phase out or to Pull the Pink --- a question? Thank God Pull is becoming the motion. Better food for our children and protection from fraudulent labeling."

We’ll continue to keep you up to date with the ‘pink slime’ story as it continues to unfold and if you haven’t already be sure to visit You can also join the conversation on twitter by following the hash tag #PinkSlime.

Food Revolution Twitter Parties

March has seen another great set of #FoodRevParty's on Twitter, each hosted by a leading member of our online community. As always the parties attracted a number of people engaging in some really interesting conversations, from ‘Eating Healthy On A Budget’ to ‘Getting Kids To Try Vegetables’.

Last night saw the last of our weekly twitter parties for a few months ‘Tackling Scary Foods’. #FoodRevParty's are on hold as we focus our social media on Food Revolution Day on May 19, but don’t worry we’ll still be online, joining the conversation and encouraging you to voice your concerns, local change, successes and fielding questions.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, register your interest in our global food festival at! Any questions? Just ask us on Twitter (@foodrev) and we’ll get back to you!

See you online!

The Food Revolution Team


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