The Global Food Revolution Continues

The Global Food Revolution Continues

Thu 03 Apr 2014

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

Our Food Revolution Ambassadors continue to amaze us with their work worldwide to spread the word on real food and food education. From Alaska to Australia we now have almost 1,000 ambassadors across 95 countries, and they are all striving toward the same goal: a healthier world, where everyone knows the value of cooking as a family, growing your own fruits and vegetables locally, and following a healthy, balanced diet.

From changing their own diets and their family’s diets to organizing conferences with local leaders, school administration, and business owners, ambassadors continue to reach out to their community to encourage a lifestyle of real food and healthy eating.

From school food and food education to community and national initiatives, our ambassadors are a real inspiration!

Marko Ertl | Vienna, Austria met with the ministry of health and school leaders to develop better food for kids in school.
Sandra Marshall | Arizona, USA helps plant outdoor gardens with kids from the local school, along with painting some murals to spread the word about healthy eating. Check out their video!
Lara Folster | Sao Paolo, Brazil is participating in an event on behalf of the Food Revolution with the members of City Hall to improve school food. She will also be going to schools and observing food and operations, hoping to award 30 schools with a certificate if they participate on Food Revolution Day!
Taha Mothana | Yemen set up and participates in a discussion board at his university so that people can learn more about and join the Food Revolution.
Marlous de Jong | Nijmegen, Netherlands makes a weekly healthy recipe for the local farmer utilizing the seasonal produce so people can make it.
Margery Childs | Atlanta, Georgia plans to take part in an arts-and-crafts fair where she will hand out information on healthy eating, the Food Revolution mission, and more. She’ll also host a local farmers exposition.
Irena | Slovenia hosted a televised FR school tour to show what school food is really like.
Rene Gonzalez|Jersey City, New Jersey, along with the “Healthy Bambino” program in schools, sponsors cooking parties for the Boys and Girls club to promote cooking skills.
Lindsey Shifley |Illinois eliminated artificial dyes and flavourings from school breakfasts in her District, and she continues to advocate for real school food.
Janica Lacova and Aneta Orosiova| Slovakia are working to launch a foundation which will focus on spreading the word on school food, food at work, and real food in Slovakia.
Mira Jarrar|Amman, Jordan has been hosting cooking class for children for the past 4 years to keep cooking skills alive and instill them in children so that they carry it on throughout their lifetime.

The Food Revolution is about everyone coming together to celebrate real food and cooking skills and although our ambassadors are working year round for this goal, our annual day of action is coming up on May 16. Food Revolution Day is all about sharing and celebrating the importance of great food and food education for all – starting with kids!

May 16th will be a day on which ambassadors unite and connect with their local communities to continue the Food Revolution and reach even more people through food education and real food activities, sharing recipes, resources and food knowledge, and getting kids cooking! Just some of the activities already lined up by ambassadors include giving cooking lessons on healthy eating and packing nutritious lunches, and creating small local food festivals to teach about local food and real food recipes. There might even be a few flash mobs!

Stay tuned for more information on how you can join in on Food Revolution Day and get kids cooking, follow @foodrev on Twitter and Facebook Food Revolution Community to be the first to find out when the new site launches in early April.

Visit our teams page to find your nearest Food Revolution Ambassador or apply to become one here.

Here’s to growing the global Food Revolution movement even more in 2014!

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)


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