The Ultimate Italian Supper for Food Revolution Day

The Ultimate Italian Supper For Food Revolution Day

Tue 04 Jun 2013

Story by Viola Buitoni

The Ultimate Italian Sunday Supper-A Tavola con le Forchette Tricolori by Viola Buitoni

When I was approached by Ann Blankenship, one of San Francisco's Food Revolution ambassadors, with the idea of celebrating Food Revolution Day 2013 through a series of Italian convivial tables (tavole), I knew just the people who could really rock to Food Revolution Day's "Cook it, Share it, Live it" anthem like no others.

And so it came to be that I convinced le Forchette Tricolori, a cooking group of lively Italian women residing in San Francisco's Bay Area who love to be together around a stove, and in whose ranks I am lucky to figure, to become part of Food Revolution Day 2013 with a five-course dinner for fifty lucky guests cooked and served at the General Consulate of Italy in San Francisco on Sunday May 19.

The group is not my brainchild, but because of my long experience in the world of food, the rest of the gang has shoved me into the informal role of a godmother and, as such, I guided the effort toward a manageable menu for which we shopped, prepped and cooked together.

The dishes all found their final shape at the intersection of the seasonal bounty of Northern California and the pick of the litter in Italian small producer food imports.

Attendees gathered in the Consulate's lovely garden where they tasted several bite size delights, including quail egg yolk in truffle oil and green garlic shelling pea bruschetta with Meyer lemon, mint and ricotta salata. The bites were flanked by a deliciously red prosecco and Aperol sangria with muddled mulberries and cherries.

The sit-down dinner happened upstairs, in the formal reception hall. People sat down around tables dressed with tablecloths pulled from the Forchette's hopechests and flowers gathered from their gardens, all glowing in candlelight.

We teased with a beet and saffron risotto starter, cleansed mouths with a garden herbs granita, moved on to a choice of fregola filled black truffle scented quail or a tomato stewed swordfish with capers and olives. We then introduced a plate of four different dessert mouthfuls. Finally, we passed three Italian cheeses by small Italian artisans and closed with cookies, chocolates and espresso. Wines were matched to every course by an expert sommelier.

The evening came to an end with a standing ovation and a promise that this will become a yearly event, to which the Forchette Tricolori happily bowed.

We all much enjoyed our time cooking together and sharing with the people who attended. We even managed to raise a sizable contribution in support of Food Revolution Day and our secret Facebook group is buzzing with planning for Food Revolution Day 2014!

About the author: Viola Buitoni is native of Perugia, Italy who teaches and writes about Italian food in the Bay Area. She is mother of Ernesto, wife of John and fairy godmother of Forchette Tricolori.

Connect with Viola: Website / Twitter: @violabuitoni
Facebook: Viola’s Italian Kitchen

Photo credit: Giuseppe Di Mauro


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