Thippi Fleckenstein – Food Revolution Hero

Thippi Fleckenstein – Food Revolution Hero

Thu 05 Apr 2012

Story by Food Revolution Team

Since founding the Noodleonthat Food Revolution in West Salem, Wisconsin in June 2011, Thippi has not stopped advocating for real fresh food in her community - from holding cooking classes, to organizing local events and planning for a community garden. Thippi is also a member of the Real Food Advocates team, which is raising money for The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. Find out more about the Real Food Advocates team here.

Thippi’s goal is simple: get people in the community to talk about living a healthier lifestyle, share ideas and resources, plan events that encourage and motivate them to be a healthier community, and highlight the great work already being done within the community.

Cooking Classes

Wanting to share her love for cooking and spread the word in her local community, Thippi has started teaching cooking classes. In preparation for these cooking class, Thippi has developed a class agenda and lesson plans, hosted cooking demos, and taken a course in food safety.


A strong advocate for gardening and knowing where our food comes from, Thippi continues to support her local school garden and has joined the local Farm to School committee. Thippi is also working with head gardener David Langer on establishing a community garden. Plans for the community garden include having professional gardeners to educate local families on where their food comes from, teach them the basics of gardening, and address the barriers that stop people from growing their own food now.

Clear Water Farm

A local foundation, the Clearwater Farm Foundation, saw the work that Thippi has been doing with the Food Revolution and the West Salem school garden and sought her help. She is now a board member and will be working with the farm to help further their mission to ‘demonstrate, teach, and advocate the sustainable use of natural, architectural, historical, and agricultural resources’. 


Thippi and the Noodleonthat Food Revolution have held a number of community events. On Food Day 2011 they served 84 bowls of soup to people from various organizations & businesses. The event promoted education and attendees shared ideas, talked about food, and recognized important members of their community. More recently they had a booth at a local YMCA Amazing Race event where kids tried all sorts of fruits and vegetables from fruits like kumquats and mangoes to vegetables like watercress and jicama. On April 22nd, Thippi will be hosting a booth at a local Earth Day event where thousands of participants are expected to attend. At this event, Thippi will have a display of her Food Revolution journey so far – how she started, what she’s doing now, her hopes for the future, and information on how others can get involved. Thippi will also raise funds for the Food Revolution through an art sale, provide Food Revolution recipes and samples,  make fruit smoothies, and host a garden activity area where families can plant herbs & vegetable seeds. 

Thippi's vision for the future is to have a cooking center in her local area where people come together to learn the art of healthier cooking, gain knowledge and experience through hands on activities in a welcoming environment, and be inspired to cook from scratch again.

Find out more about Thippi and her Food Revolution here and if you are in West Salem, join Thippi’s Food Revolution here.

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