This Year the Revolution will be Realistic!

This Year The Revolution Will Be Realistic!

Thu 06 Feb 2014

Story by Cherylanne Farley

We’ve all been there with champagne glass held high as we promise ourselves—“YES! This year will be different!” Then sometime around the miserable, cold, wet, foggy end of January or beginning or February, we give up our resolutions under the weight of real life.

But this year CAN be different by following some basic ideas from the Food Revolution so we can maintain our resolutions. We stay strong through winter and then with all the great fresh energy of spring we can add some more good changes and then—BAM!—it’s the holidays again but we are different. We maintained healthful changes without losing our minds or our happy personalities.

Let’s look at four simple steps for 2014

1). The Food Revolution teaches us simple recipes to create tasty, wholesome food. To follow in that model let’s strive to increase the flavors of all our foods in healthy ways. When you can, substitute low sodium broth for water. Cooking Yukon Gold potatoes in Chicken Broth instead of plain water increases their creamy texture and enhances natural flavors. A sprinkle of black pepper to taste and a serving of potatoes without added butter is not a bad idea at all.

2). Commit to making Breakfast-for-Dinner a family fun night at least once a week. Using recipes like Jamie’s Pancakes and Simple Fruit Salad provide fun actives for everyone to do. Sitting around the dinner table at the end encourages more future food fun and helps weaves those family ties together snuggly. Making sure you use Real Maple Syrup continues the fun by discussing how this tasty treat comes from TREES.

3). Now is the time to give yourself some mighty ENCOURAGEMENT! You are thinking more about improving family life and creating healthful meals. I bet you have even cut back on fast food as well. If it gets too tough chap up friends in the Food Revolution for their good ideas too. We are not alone in our goals for better nutrition and health for all Americans.

4). Last but not least—drink a LOT MORE WATER. Put down the soda can and the coffee cut and drink some water. Tastes boring? Add a drop or two of fresh orange and the skin of an orange. Lemons and limes work equally as well to give water a little kick in flavor. As you drink more water your skin, tummy, and bowels all thank you by performing their tasks easier and presenting you with glowing skin this winter.

About the author: Cherylanne Farley has been a fan of Jamie Oliver and his cooking philosophy since even before the “Food Revolution”. As a classroom teacher of troubled teens for over a decade she saw first hand the negative impact a school day—from breakfast to lunch—of poor quality school lunches could have on student learning. She was notorious for fighting for teen Moms to have additional school nutrition during the day to provide maximum nutrition to high-risk babies. She smiles when she remembers how the cafeteria staff applauded on her last day but is not certain if the applause was in support of her ideas or relief that this troublemaker was finally gone. Cherylanne has finished Culinary Arts training and is now a working Chef at restaurants and in homes.


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