Thumbs Up For New School Meals

Thumbs Up For New School Meals

Fri 02 Nov 2012

Story by Thumbs Up for New School Meals

A survey carried out of public school students in California by The California Endowment has found that despite recent press, students actually say that the new healthy school meals being served up in k-12 schools are much better than what they’ve had in the past.

These new meals, which have come into play this fall, are due to updated national regulations for school food as part of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act signed into law in 2010. These updated school meal nutrition standards, which are the first of their kind to happen in 15 years, are a major step to improve the health of school children, to remedy nutritional shortfalls and to fight the obesity epidemic.

Results of the study carried out via a poll of over 500 students and 600 parents in California found that

• Both parents (91%) and students (82%) support the changes to school nutrition standards
• High school students (73%) are much more aware that there have been changes than are parents (36%)
• Most students believe that school lunches are better than they have been in the past
• Both students and parents strongly support each key element of the new standards

However, overall awareness of the new federal nutrition standards was low among parents in general, which means we all still have work to do.

How YOU Can Help Support These Changes

In order for these new meal regulations to really be a success, we all need to support them and educate one another on what they changes are and why they are important:

• Check out our pinterest board ‘School Foods Rule’ to see what lunches meeting the new guidelines really look like.
• Visit your school, see what changes have happened in the food cafeteria and take some photos of the new school meals to share with us at and help us shine a positive light on these important changes.
• Take our school food toolkits and work through them with your school to help support these new changes and get more real food on the menu in children’s stomachs!
• Talk to parents and students about the changes; let them know why they are so important and why they should be supporting them too.

Remember, change is never easy and these new meal standards will take some adjusting to, so it’s important to be patient and allow time for everyone, especially the students, to adjust.

Additionally, we’re already hearing how in just a few months many schools are all adapting to the change, and this poll by The California Endowment shows that many students are already giving new meals the thumbs up!

Check out our ‘School Foods Rule’ pinterest board, and send your photos to us to be added at!

Find out more about the results of this survey here.

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