Ask Nickelodeon to Stop Advertising Junk Food to Kids

Ask Nickelodeon To Stop Advertising Junk Food To Kids

Wed 05 Dec 2012

Story by Food Revolution Team

Earlier in the year, the Walt Disney Company announced that it will no longer be accepting advertisements for junk food on its child-direct television, radio and online sites. The company also updated nutrition standards for foods that can be advertised to children.

Now it is time that Nickelodeon follows this lead and stops advertising unhealthy food to kids.

An example of Disney's marketing healthy food options

The food and beverage industry spends $2 billion per year advertising products to children and the average kid sees 13 junk food TV ads per day, which are mainly promoting unhealthy foods. However, unlike Disney, Nickelodeon has yet to take responsibility for its ads and marketing to kids.

Urge Nickelodeon to follow Disney’s lead and stop advertising junk food to children.

Childhood obesity rates are at record-high levels and research shows that food marketing is an important factor contributing to children’s poor diets.

The National Academies’ Institute of Medicine (IOM) conducted a thorough review of the science and concluded that food advertising affects children’s food choices, food purchase requests, diets, and health. In addition, the majority of foods marketed to children remain of poor nutritional quality. The IOM concluded that marketing puts children’s health at risk.

The IOM has also recommended that strategies are adopted to improve marketing standards; that food, beverage restaurant and media industries should take broad, common and urgent voluntary action to make substantial improvements in their marketing aimed directly at children and adolescents aged 2 -17 years, in order to prevent obesity and risk factors associated with chronic disease risk.

These recommendations also include that standards should include digital marketing and the use of licensed characters and toy premiums.

As the number one entertainment company for children, Nickelodeon has enormous influence over children’s food choices. You can write to Nickelodeon today and urge them to do right the right thing for kids and stop advertising unhealthy food and drinks to them at!

A recent report by the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity which focused on parents’ attitudes about policies promoting healthy diets for kids ages 2-17 found that the majority of parents surveyed said they were as concerned about their kids’ exposures to food and beverage advertising as they were about the ads their kids see for tobacco and alcohol. Are you concerned about food marketing messages to kids?

Take Action! Urge Nickelodeon to follow Disney’s lead and stop advertising junk food to children.

Find out more about marketing to kids and the moves made by Disney to improve their standards here.

The Food Revolution Team

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