Jamie Oliver Addresses the Global Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver Addresses The Global Food Revolution

Tue 29 Oct 2013

Story by Food Revolution Team

"It's not about banning everything; it's about inspiring people to love food." – Jamie Oliver

Earlier this month, Jamie joined the One Young World conference in Johannesburg via a live video stream to address the global Food Revolution, setting the scene on what the problem is, showcasing some of the amazing actions taking place across the world, and inspiring those attending (and watching) to stand up and help make a difference.

As Jamie stated, whether it is diet-related disease or food inequality, it is a global problem that affects us all – or at least if it doesn’t now, it will if we don’t change things.

However, rather than just focusing on the negative, Jamie highlighted some of the big achievements being made around the world…

This year, the World Health Assembly adopted global targets to reduce preventable deaths from lifestyle diseases by 25% by 2025. In order to achieve this overarching target, other targets were also adopted, including halting the rise in obesity and diabetes, reducing salt intake, reducing raised blood pressure, and addressing policy around the marketing on unhealthy food and drinks to kids.

Many countries around the world are already acting in order to stop preventable diseases and some of those countries that Jamie highlighted include:

• Chile has banned the use of toys to advertise fast food/junk food
• South Africa has set targets to reduce obesity by 10% and increase control of diabetes by 30% by 2020
• France has implemented a tax on sugary drinks, money raised through which is to go to support farm workers
• India has launched a 5 year national plan to reduce NCDS (lifestyle diseases)
• Peru recently implemented a law – ‘Promoting Health Food for Children Act’ – banning junk food advertisements, the sale of junk food in schools and trans fat in products

During the talk, Jamie also heard from One Young World delegates who stood up and shared some of the amazing things they are doing to change the food system in their own countries.

And one of our very own Food Revolution Ambassadors Virginia Mayer from Gauteng, South Africa joined the conference to talk about her kitchen garden project, which she recently launched. Virginia educates children in schools and helps them plant vegetables in their local gardens. The program focuses on teaching children about vegetables and their nutritional value. Virginia says that the kids “seem to have taken to the project well as they feel proud when they show their vegetable patches to family and friends.”

Jamie ended the session by announcing that Food Revolution Day 2014 will be on May 16, and asked people to get involved in the Food Revolution. Here’s how you can do just that!

Search for your nearest Food Revolution Ambassador
Apply to become a Food Revolution Ambassador and start a Food Revolution in your local community
• Let us know what food issues you face in your country and community (or let us know if you have any questions) by emailing foodrevolution@jamieoliver.com

As Ambassador Virginia from South Africa said, "If we want to be, we can be a really powerful catalyst of change – join us in the fight for real food!”

The Food Revolution Team


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