Top 5 Food Revolution States

Top 5 Food Revolution States

Thu 19 May 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The Food Revolution has gone guerrilla with over 400 activist groups across the US and rising as parents, grandparents, teachers, students and fresh food advocates take to their community to bring the Food Revolution to life.

There are so many success stories and we try to feature as many as possible in the Food Revolution news each week to highlight the wonderful individuals positively impacting their community. It is through these stories of change and by highlighting our activist groups that we hope to inspire more of you to join us and grow the revolution.

Top 5 Food Revolution Activist States

1. California
2. Texas
3. New York
4. Illinois
5. Florida

Some of our most active groups are outlined below, do check them out and if you live locally to one of them, join and lend a hand!

• California Santa Monica and Malibu Schools for the Food Revolution
This group is for parents and community members of the Santa Monica and Malibu area who support the Food Revolution. We support the ritual of the meal as not only an important family gathering time, but also as a way to get the nutrition needed for optimum healthy, from fresh local produce. We are very aware that a good nutritious balanced diet in our children is important, not only for their success at school but also their future health.

• Texas Collin and Grayson County Food Revolution
This group was created to bring like minded individuals together to fight for a cause: our children’s nutrition in public schools. Jamie Oliver has shown us that it can be done and with determination we can make a difference in the lives of our children through changing their food options in schools. By offering nutritious foods to them daily they will learn more about what fresh, healthy food does for their body, why it’s important and also learn to love it.

• New York The Whole You, Huntington, NY Food Revolution
We represent the importance of community support and cooking for family and friends. The kitchen table, pot luck dinners and backyard parties are about more than just eating. It’s about sharing, caring and connecting. As a co-founder of a small Wellness Salon I became passionate about the connection at a very young age. Cooking dinner for a large family at age 10 was about helping out of necessity but became an important part of my understanding of relationships, health, community and sharing. Cooking at home doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. It just takes some thought; learn how you can change your health, your personal relationships and your community with home cooked meals!

• Indiana Fort Wayne Food Revolution
My name is Deb Salay Storch. I am the founder of this Fort Wayne Food Revolution group, mother of 4, chef for 12+ years and a strong advocate of fresh sustainable food.

• Florida Rise Up! West Palm Beach, FL Food Revolution
West Palm Beach, FL, for the Food Revolution. Educating parents, children, teachers, educators, camp directors, counselors and all caretakers about whole foods, cooking, dangers of preservatives, processed food and food dyes, reading food labels not just for nutritional facts but for ingredient content, how to make lasting changes and the choice and responsibility we have to live a healthy and vital life. I find more and more people are simply uneducated as to what is healthy or not, just because it is sold in the store does NOT mean it belongs in our body.

If you would like to see if there is a local group near you check out our activists map, you can also set up your own group by clicking on ‘Create a Group’ on the right of the map. Your state might appear in our next Top 5. We look forward to welcoming you!

The Food Revolution Team


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