Tweeters Agree- Revolution Begins With Our Kids

Tweeters Agree- Revolution Begins With Our Kids

Thu 01 Dec 2011

Story by Jaime Morlin

Twitter Tuesdays continue to encourage and inspire revolutionaries as they gather to share their experiences and ideas with a common passion to change the way America eats. This week’s Twitter party theme was “Cooking with kids”. It was truly an honor to guest host the #FoodRevParty.

Twitter Party: November 29 @4pm PDT/7pm EDT with @JaimeMorlin

Theme: Cooking With Kids

Recipe of the week: Corn Chowder

Some time ago, my teen daughter told me that she would have to resort to eating boxed and canned foods when she left home. I was very surprised and asked why in the world she would say that. She replied, "Because I've never really learned to cook homemade food other than holiday baking together".

She knew the importance of eating real, unprocessed foods but I hadn't equipped her with the tools needed to make it herself. It was then that I realized with all of my advocacy to change the way America eats, I had overlooked a key item- teaching my kids to cook real food themselves. I began teaching her the cooking lessons she would need to know before leaving home. Now both of my daughters cook with me on a regular basis and I know they are equipped to live healthy lives after they leave.

Party Questions and Best Tweets

Q1. Why is cooking with your kids important? #FoodRevParty

@Blake_Mariposa (^_^) cooking with kids allows them to get connected be creative with their food and to truly TASTE what REAL food tastes like

@1000plusone +give a kid a meal, he’ll be happy/full for a couple of hours…teach the kid to cook, he’ll be happy/full for ages to come:)

@SeptemberAcres health, family bonding, learning math, time management, fun! #FoodRevParty

Q2. What safety guidelines do you have for your kids when cooking? #FoodRevParty

@ChefTizzard Always supervised but I have just started knife skills with my 8 year old. How to hold a knife and cut properly

@Scatteredmom I cook with teens at work. There’s no horsing around in the kitchen.

Q3. Any tips for parents with busy schedules to still include kids in cooking? #FoodRevParty

@famdinner Let kids help with the menu planning. They’ll be more engaged in what’s for dinner.

@MealPlanMom Include family in meal plans, even setting table, getting drinks if it’s a busy night

Q4. What are your kids’ favorite recipes to make? #FoodRevParty

@healthyhipmama My 2.5 year old loves to make guacamole. My 7 year old son is the master at pancakes! #FoodRevParty

@eatingarainbow My daughter loves making Kale Chips! She can make them on her own now!!! #FoodRevParty

Q5. (Just figuring this one out myself w my teen)…What essential skills/lessons should your kids know before moving out? #FoodRevParty

@SeptemberAcres Know about whole foods, how to read labels, how to cook a few meals from scratch #foodrevparty

@1000plusone @JaimeMorlin chopping is #1 in my book :)

Q6. Do your schools incorporate cooking classes and curriculum?/ How do we get cooking classes into our school?

@mcookpi Not our K-8 I’m going to start having kids come over for soup parties and each will bring items for the pot

@lanaprekprogram I know a lot of parents (and teachers) who would volunteer for an after school club #foodrevparty

Q7. With the holidays here, do you have any special, fun cooking traditions to share? #FoodRevParty

@eatingarainbow My daughter and I make Broccoli Christmas Trees #foodrevparty

@healthyhipmama We roast & season nuts & wrap on favor bags 2 give 2 friends neighbors. Fun & easy. #FoodRevParty

It’s all about cooking with the kids, thanks to everyone for coming to party and sharing great tips! Why not try out this winter warming corn chowder with your kids and add all your pictures to the Food Revolution Community page.

Next Party: Tuesday 6th December @ 7pm PST/10pm EST -hosted by @Lunchalicious

About the author: Jaime Morlin is a wife and mother to two beautiful daughters. She’s a small business owner and outdoor enthusiast in the Great Northwest, WA State. Her family thoroughly enjoys cooking together. She is the organizer of the Spokane District 81 Food Revolution.


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