Twitter: Colorful, Kid-friendly Meals

Twitter: Colorful, Kid-friendly Meals

Fri 16 Sep 2011

Story by Jennifer Tyler Lee (@crunchacolor)

This week’s Tuesday Twitter Party was overflowing with ideas as Food Revolutionaries from around the world came together to talk about colorful, healthy, kid-friendly meals. We hit an all-time Food Rev Party high with a 700% increase in #foodrevparty tweets during the event. Great job tweeps! It was an honor to guest host a fantastic party and to give and get tips from a wonderful group of food-loving friends.

Twitter Party: September 13, 2011 @ 7 pm PDT/ 10 pm EDT

Theme: Kid-friendly, colorful meals

The change of season brings a wonderful opportunity to infuse new colors into your cooking! Children thrill at rides in the apple cart and visits to the pumpkin patch. How do you bring those brilliant fall colors and aromas to your table? We’ve got you covered with great advice on everything from how to get picky eaters to eat healthy to kid-friendly recipes and tips for filling your plates with color!

Congratulations to our winners @Carrie_Newhouse, @FoodCorps, @Chef2Chef, @grainsnmore, @MealPlanMom, @muffintinmom! These tweeps each received a copy of the award-winning healthy eating game, Crunch a Color™. Profits support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution!

Party Questions and Some of the Best Tweets:

Q1. How do you work seasonal colors into your cooking?

@MealPlanMom I love fall -- gives me excuse to use pumpkin more often! I need to remember to use year round.

@EddieMill My kitchen is a constant counters-full display of what's in-season

Q2. How do you get picky eaters to branch out? You know, the ones with plates full of white pasta!

@Chef2Chef Some cool tips for getting those white plates to fill up like a rainbow! :)

@MealPlanMom When I am prepping salads I have a variety of chopped veggies on the cutting board. They will come by to munch on.

Q3. What are your favorite recipes that pack a powerful punch of color?

@grainsnmore Shredded salads are great, so are stir-fry dishes.

@jaimemorlin Homemade Minestrone soup packed with tons of fresh veggies and beans. My family loves it!

Q4. We all get into ruts -- cooking the old standbys. How do you shake it up?

@FoodCorps Walking around a farmer's market or seeing what's growing in a school garden is an inspiration for us!

@Carrie_Newhouse We pick a country or region & talk about what's happening there + try one of their local recipes- the kids get so excited!

Q5. Life's hectic! How do you keep meals balanced when schedules get crazy? When you're on the go?

@MealPlanMom My big thing is freezer meals! It is a way of life for us now. Oh, and of course meal planning is key. :-)

@theskinnyscoop Tips for kid-friendly healthy meals.

Q6. Fall is here! What are your favorite local ingredients for this season?

@FoodCorps Awesome peak-season produce map! @epicurious via @crunchacolor

@healthyhipmom Pumpkins, apples & leeks! A few of our healthy, family-friendly recipes:

Q7. What do you think of the new food pyramid, My Plate, as a tool for helping families make meals more balanced?

@FoodCorps Piling half the plate with vegetables is an easy way to see that you're on the right track to healthy eating!

I like it. Easier for parents to follow, grains are still important, balance is key.

Thanks to everyone for their great ideas and tips! Don’t forget to join the Food Revolution cook-off – this week’s theme is ‘Seasonal Foods’, so find out what’s in season in your area, take a trip to the farmers market and upload all your seasonal recipes & photos onto the Food Revolution Community page!

Join next week’s Twitter party on Tuesday September 20th at 4pm EDT / 7pm EDT guest hosted by @woollyschools.

About the host: Jennifer is a mom and the creator of the mealtime game, Crunch a Color™ that gets kids to eat their veggies! Started at her family table, Crunch a Color™ is now available nationwide and was named one of the Best 100 Children’s Products of 2011! Profits support children’s nutrition programs including Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Now go Crunch a Color™!


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