Twitter: Healthy After School Snack Attack

Twitter: Healthy After School Snack Attack

Thu 08 Sep 2011

Story by Amanda J. Wendt

The Food Revolutionaries were Tuesday Twitter partying again, all about healthy after school snacks. I was honored to have been asked to be this week’s guest host. We had great input from wonderful Revolutionaries. Thanks to all of them for making it such a great party!

Twitter Party: Sept 6th, 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT

Theme: Healthy After School Snack Ideas

When your children come home after a long day at school, one of the first things they often say is, "I'm hungry." After school snacks provide children with a burst of energy to help them get through their homework and other after school activities. But with so many unhealthy snacks available how can we help our children make the right choices? The Food Revolutionaries put their thinking caps on and came up with some creative, delicious and nutritious snack ideas to help children transition from school to after school, without filling up too much before dinner.

Party Questions & Some of the Best Tweets

Q1. How do you handle the cry, "I'm hungry" when your child gets home from school?

@WholeMama2 Power-packed organic smoothie with at least a handful of spinach or whole zucchini

@Lunchalicious Ants on a log (peanut butter on celery sticks with raisins on top) is a classic. Try using cream cheese instead of peanut butter. #snacks #FoodRevParty

Q2. What are some creative and healthy snacks you have available for your child?

@jenniferberrym #foodrevparty sugar snap peas, carrots, lots of fruit right now, string cheese or cookie cutter sandwiches

@sam_cousins_72 #FoodRevParty- we love GREEK yogurt. can also be used as a sour cream substitute. also frozen grapes. just like candy

Q3. Do you provide a snack or do you let them choose one? How do you keep them from "mindlessly eating?"

#foodrevparty each kid has their own snack drawer. the items must last a week. they learn to "budget" their food choices

@jenniferberrym #foodrevparty my 5yo goes grocery shopping with me to get stuff for the week, she gets a choice between 2-3 healthy things

Q4. When your child has after-school activities what do you pack to refuel them and get them through until dinner?

Banana's are a great choice! #foodrevparty

@theorganictrail I bring a fresh snack pack in the car. Today was Greek yogurt and strawberries. #foodrevparty

Q5. Do your kids ever ask for unhealthy snacks? And how do you handle it?

@Lunchalicious Q5 Yes they do. Depending on what it is, we can have treats after healthy food but not right before dinner! #FoodRevParty

#foodrevparty mine ask all the time & I let them. they are kids. but moderation in all things.

Q6. How can you use seasonal produce and your local farmer's market to create healthy snacks?

@crunchacolor Snack at the farmers' market! Kids get to try new foods and it's fun #foodrevparty

@theorganictrail Don't forget to talk to your local farmer...they share great recipes for their produce. #foodrevparty

Wondering what the recipe of the week is? It’s your recipe! This week’s theme is bagged lunches so submit photos of your bagged lunches to the Food Revolution Community page, the Food Revolution Team will pick one of these community recipes to make each week.

Be sure to join us for next week’s party –Sept 13th 7pm PDT/10pm EDT guest host @CrunchaColor

Thanks for joining the party!

About the author: Amanda is the mother of two and a work-at-home small business owner. A foodie, home cook and lover of meal planning, Amanda has always enjoyed time in the kitchen, but has recently started enjoying time in the garden too. This year, inspired by the Food Revolution, her family began a journey towards a more healthy way of eating, cooking and living. She chronicles this journey at her blog, The Organic Trail. She lives with her husband and daughters in Connecticut.

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