Twitter Party: From the Holiday Table to the Everyday Table

Twitter Party: From The Holiday Table To The Everyday Table

Fri 25 Nov 2011

Story by Kelly Doscher (@foodmindedmama)

What an honor it was being asked to host this week’s Twitter party. People from all over the States and Canada chimed in on our theme, “From the holiday table to the everyday table” where we talked about ways to make our everyday meals with our family as special as those we have during the holidays. We had a lot of laughs and there were some great ideas!

All too often our busy lives keep us away from sitting together at the dinner table. With this Twitter party, I wanted to start a conversation about ways we can turn our focus from all of life’s distractions toward sharing our meals. I truly believe that the simple idea of making our everyday meals more special, even in the smallest of ways, can make a big difference for our children and how they perceive food in the greater context of life.

We all benefit from breaking bread with our family and friends; we talk to our kids and loved ones more, we have a moment in our day where traditions can be started and kept, and we share the thing that is so important to us all: time. Now that we’re coming into the holiday season, I thought we could take a look at some of the ways we make our family gatherings special and talk about how we could translate some of the attention to the holiday table towards our everyday table.

Twitter Party Q & A’s

Q1. What are some traditions around your holiday table that you think you could translate into everyday?

@Lunchalicious We always set the table using the "good" silverware, tablecloth, napkins etc. Makes it more festive!

@MealPlanMom We use cloth napkins every day. Even send them in kids' lunches. My mom made some in fun & seasonal fabrics.

Q2. Spending hours at the stove doesn’t make dinner special. ________ does.

@Johane_Levesque Spending hours at the stove doesn't make dinner special. _Family and Friends_ do.

@notsomodernblog I love cooking with family and sharing recipes.

Q3. Do you set the table every night? If so, who helps? If not, why?

@karenlebillon said: Holiday table every day! 'Fancy' tables are fun: tablecloth, nice cutlery, flowers (I have 2 DDs) ...

@karenlebillion [It takes] Less than 2 minutes! The kids help, and 'surprise' me with the result (only chore they look forward to ;) ).

Q4. I'm not religious, but we say our "thankfuls" every meal AKA grace. How does your family come together in that sense?

@SeptemberAcres Yes, try to teach daughter to be thankful for all she has all year.

@MealPlanMom Yes, we started a gratitude journal to help us record what we are thankful for.

Q5. Family meal doesn’t have to mean dinner. Do you gather with your family for breakfast?

@MealPlanMom I sit & eat w/ my kids every wkday for bkfst and we all do on most weekends. Have since they were babies.

@OutoftheBoxFood I attribute my extra 5 lbs to our homemade b'fasts together! b'fast is an important meal at at our house

Q6. Passive eating leads to overeating. Do you leave the TV on during dinner?

@Lunchalicious Never leave the TV on or radio! We like to have a quiet room to enjoy each others conversation!

Thanks so very much to everyone who joined in the conversation. I had a blast, despite my cat’s mischievous behavior. Please be sure to check out the Food Revolution’s partnership with and create a holiday wish this season. And please… take a peek at my blog for healthy, simple, and inexpensive ways to feed your kiddos, plus a few kitchen foibles from time to time. (Oy!)

Next #FoodRevParty is Tues 29th November at 4pm PDT/7pm EST with @JaimeMorlin

Happy Holidays to all! Don’t forget to add your holiday recipes and photos onto the Food Revolution community page.


About the author:
Kelly Doscher is a Food Revolutionary and blogger at The Food-Minded Mama, which is one of the Food Revolution Blog of the Month winners. Follow her on twitter at @FoodMindedMama


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