Twitter Party: School Lunches

Twitter Party: School Lunches

Thu 06 Oct 2011

Story by Food Revolution Team

As schools have now all started back and having just launched our Food Revolution School Lunch Photo Wall, this week was perfect timing to bring the Food Revolution twitter party conversation back to school lunches.

We have had some amazing guest hosts at our twitter parties in recent weeks and felt as though we had a lot to live up to as hosts again in this week’s party but it was a great turn out with lots of new tweeps! We had a great time discussing school lunches and hearing some of the main concerns you have with the food served on the lunch tray and how we can work together to create change where needed. We shared ideas on how to get involved with school wellness committees and PTA’s –don’t forget to use our toolkits and support tools to help you find the facts, get support and kick start your campaign!

Here are some highlights from the party:

Q1. Do you pack school lunch or take part in the lunches provided at school? #foodrevparty

@jenniferberrym I only let my kid have hot lunch at school once a week. I'm not convinced it's healthy-a compromise-1 is better than 5. #foodrevparty

@lanaprekprogram #foodrevparty we do a combination of packing and buying for school lunch at our house.

Q2. For those of you who pack lunches, would you buy school lunch if you were convinced of their quality and nutrition? #foodrevparty

@PlanitHealthier Would def buy school lunch if consistently good- love supporting cooks and local farms that way. #foodrevparty

@jenni_doyle @FoodRevTeam Yes! We would buy lunch if we felt it was made with quality ingredients! #foodrevparty

Q3. Have you been into your cafeteria since schools started back to see what’s being served? Any changes this fall? #foodrevparty #foodrevolution

@PlanitHealthier White board on wall lists all local foods and farms it came from. #foodrevparty #foodrevolution

@jscuisine #foodrevparty Change slow but promising. Residual effects of small grassroots "REAL FOOD" movements sprouting up"

Q4. What’s the most important thing for you to see on the lunch tray? What would you like your kids to get at school? #foodrevparty #foodrevolution

@lanaprekprogram #foodrevparty most important thing for me to see is VARIETY! Not the same 5 rotating items.

@pkmibb @FoodRevTeam fresh not processed foods!

Q5. So, with many of us unhappy about the food served in schools, what can we do about it?! #foodrevparty

@Lunchalicious A great way to make change happen, if you can, is to volunteer on food days and insist on at least one healthy change. #foodrevparty

@lanaprekprogram #foodrevparty @FoodRevTeam Start asking quest about what IS possible... start with small changes if necessary.

@Greek_Momma @FoodRevTeam Show up at school to eat w/ your child (w/ healthier bag lunch). Talk to Principal and Food Svc ppl about options. #foodrevparty

@lunchalicious Important part is to talk to your school and food service providers. They won't change if no one speaks up. #foodrevparty

@gidgetnfroggi R school invited us parents 2 help make the decision on lunches; we tasted many companies and voted, a chef won, best thing ever!

@VTMagazine @FoodRevTeam The problem is academics have priority. Correlation between nutrition and academic performance must be stressed! #foodrevparty

@naturalyards "average student receives between 4 and 5 hours of nutrition education a year." -School Nutrition Association #FoodRevParty

Don’t forget October is Farm to School Month, find out more about your local regional agencies and what’s going on in your state here.

Thanks to all for joining and contributing! Join in on next week’s party with @FedUpWithLunch – Tuesday 11th October @ 7pmPST/10pmEDT.

The Food Revolution Team

Taken from The Best and Worst School Lunch Photo Wall


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