Twitter Revolution: July 4th BBQs and YOUR Revolution

Twitter Revolution: July 4th BBQs And YOUR Revolution

Thu 30 Jun 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

July 4th is approaching so summer vacations with family and friends, and enjoying some delicious food is on the menu. The Twitter community talked July 4th and BBQs and at the party we wanted to know how you are planning on making the Food Revolution your own over the summer break. Check out our competition winner below – who receives a signed book from Jamie! - and the best tweets from the party.

Remember, from next week - July 5th- our Twitter community will be congregating once a week on Tuesdays for our new weekly format of guest hosted parties! We are really excited to keep the Food Revolution conversations going over the summer and seeing how you are taking the Revolution on in your daily lives and on your vacations.

TWITTER COMPETWITION #10 Tuesday June 28th 2011 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT

Question: What is your favorite food to make & eat w/friends & family on July 4th? Don’t forget to give it name! #FoodRevcomp

Winner: Metalli-cod!
DreanaMom Metalli-cod! Wrap your whole cod in tinfoil with lemon, basil, peppers and cook on the BBQ. Serve with salad seaside! #FoodRevComp

Best of the Rest

• Mahi Mahi Burgers
Ironchefette #foodrevcomp grilled mahi mahi burgers with grilled pineapple, and grilled veggies. British baked beans and fruit smoothies
• Revolution “Corn”ucopia Salad
OutoftheBoxFood Revolution "Corn"ucopia Salad- Raw corn salad w/ avocado, tomato, olive oil and fresh lime juice #foodrevcomp
• Maryland Treat
tiffanie1221 #foodrevcomp for a MD treat steam (don't boil!) crabs with rock salt, old bay and ur favorite brew

Next Competwition: No planned competwitions but we are kicking off our guest hosted Twitter parties each Tuesday from July 5th 7 PDT / 10 EDT!

TWITTER PARTY #12 Wednesday June 29th 2011 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT

Party Questions & Best Tweets

Q1. This is now YOUR #foodrevolution - what is going to be your first action? #foodrevparty RT
roleymoley1 @FoodRevTeam well i think we need to change peoples views about the food rev! We need them to become part of our family! We should have community events to show them all the ideas we have and all the different recipes they could try out. That would be awesome!

Q2. Have you all found allies to kick off a revolution with? We now have over 500 #foodrevolution groups! #foodrevparty
OutoftheBoxFood after my kids met @jamieoliver at Westwood Kitchen they started their own #foodrevolution by talking 2 friends about real food #foodrevparty

Q3. What do u think needs to change in your community? #foodrevparty RT
Johane_Levesque @FoodRevTeam In my community? Attitude. So many think that it's not a problem or that someone else will take care of it if it is a problem. #foodrevparty #foodrevolution

Q4. What plans do you have to kick start a summer #foodrevolution? #foodrevparty
1000plusone One thing my whole family looks forward to ev. Summer is pick your own berries and fruits! And eating them of course :) #foodrevparty

Q5. With 4th of July & vacations coming up - how will you be sharing the #FoodRevolution?
TheOrganicTrail @foodrevtaem making healthy dishes w ingredients from local farm and sharing farmer’s info with friends.

Q6. Will you all be sticking to your own #foodrevolution's whilst on vacation? If so, how? #foodrevparty
Scatteredmom @foodrevteam we pack a giant food bag, visit markets to stock up on fresh veg/fruit. Make our own lunches #foodrevparty

Next Party: Our weekly Twitter parties have now moved to Tuesdays each week - our new format guest hosted Twitter parties! Join us on Tuesday July 5th 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT

Thank you to everyone who took part, we look forward to welcoming you to our new Food Revolution Twitter Tuesdays!

The Food Revolution Team

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