Twitter Revolution: Home Cooking

Twitter Revolution: Home Cooking

Thu 09 Jun 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

We’ve been running our weekly twitter competitions on Tuesdays and Twitter parties on Wednesdays for a while now and we love them!

Talking to the community, finding out what they think about the Food Revolution, what their kids eat and what they like cooking is so rewarding and an indulgent experience for all! Our revolutionaries are building and this week we talked homemade pizzas, home cooking and cooking with your kids. Check out our competition winner below – who receives a signed book from Jamie! - and the best tweets from the party.

TWITTER COMPETITION #7 Tuesday June 7th 2011 6pm PST / 9pm EST

Question: What toppings would you put on your perfect homemade pizza & what would you call it?

Winner: Rainbow Pizza
TheOrganicTrail Rainbow Pizza: Red tomato sauce, Orange bell pepper, Yellow tomatoes, Green zucchini, Blue basil, and Purple eggplant w/mozz. #FoodRevComp (

Best of the Rest

• Delicious HR_Shanna @FoodRevTeam #FoodRevComp homemade pesto, roma tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella on whole grain crust... and I would just call it delicious!

• Green Caprese Maialee Green Caprese: Sliced portabella mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and feta with a basil/garlic/olive oil pesto. #foodrevcomp

• Fire Bomb claudiaclaudia @FoodRevTeam "Fire Bomb": spicy eggplant, prosciutto, pepperoni, onion, green pepper and black olives. #FoodRevComp

Next Competwition: Tuesday June 14th 2011 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT

TWITTER PARTY #9 Wednesday June 8th 2011 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT

Party Questions & Best Tweets

Q1. How often do you cook a meal at home? #foodrevparty

NoelsKitchen @FoodRevTeam Every night of the week. As my motto states: Eating out is Expensive... Eating with family is priceless. #foodrevparty

Q2. Do you eat as a family all at the same time? #foodrevparty

ADDhousewife @FoodRevTeam absolutely! We all sit down together. at the table. no TV. #foodrevparty

Q3. What’s your favorite healthy meal? #foodrevparty

Lunchalicious We have a pancake bfast every Sun morning, no matter what! That's the best! RT @FoodRevTeam: What's your favorite family meal? #foodrevparty

Q4. What about when you don’t have much time? What do you make quickly for the family? #foodrevparty

maman_2_4 @FoodRevTeam My children love frozen veggies frozen. I can grill fish in under 10min, and have supper on the table w/ veg. #foodrevparty

Q5. Do you have separate food for your children or all eat the same dish? #foodrevparty

NoelsKitchen @FoodRevTeam One meal for all. I try to not make foods the kids don't like now and re-introduce them differently later. #foodrevparty

Q6. What fun foods do you make with your family? #foodrevparty

GLsmoove Smoothies! The best in the west! @FoodRevTeam What fun foods do you make with your family? #foodrevparty

Next Party: Wednesday June 15 2011 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT

Thank you to everyone who took part, join us next week!

The Food Revolution Team

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