Twitter Revolution: Revolutionize Your Summer

Twitter Revolution: Revolutionize Your Summer

Thu 07 Jul 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Twitter Tuesdays have landed! Each week we are now combing our twitter competwitions and parties to have the one bumper twitter party each Tuesday and we have several guest hosts lined up. This week our very own Jamie Oliver joined the party.

Twitter Party: Tuesday July 5th 2011 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Theme: Summer Revolution

Recipe of the Week: Simplest Fruit Salad – create your own fruit salad and post your pics on the Facebook Food Revolution Community page.

As we are now in full summer swing, the conversation this week was all about going local, farmers markets and food on vacation! We wanted to know all about how you celebrated July 4th, your summer revolution plans and all about the exciting new foods you pick up when you visit your local farmers market or go further afield on vacation. Check out some of the best tweets below and details on next week’s #FoodRevParty.

Party Questions and Best Tweets

Q1. Did everyone enjoy the 4th of July/Canada day? What good food did you all celebrate with? #foodrevparty

niabutterfly @FoodRevTeam @JamieOliver #foodrevparty BBQ fajitas; beef w corn and black bean salad

TheOrganicTrail yes! Great 4th of July! Made homemade rocket popsicles with fresh strawberry/yogurt/fresh blueberry. Huge hit #foodrevparty

Q2. How are you all going to share & spread the #foodrevolution over the summer? #foodrevparty

tinygreenbee @FoodRevTeam : kids are growing a garden. Goal is to plant a whole meal!

DeniseH111 by example! Best way. Walk the walk, live clean! Enjoy good food! Cook, cook, cook!@FoodRevTeam @JamieOliver

Q3. Do you all know where your local farmers markets are? What new foods have you found at them & tried? #foodrevparty

misssvea We have so many, being so close to orchards and farms. Cherries are ready this week! We can freeze them. #foodrevparty

allieprecht I've made the switch to buying my groceries from local farmers at Cincinnati's @Findlay_Market @FoodRevTeam @jamie_oliver #foodrevparty

Q4. Have you, or do you plan to try any exciting new foods whilst on vacation? #foodrevparty

kristilyn_r I always try to find local foods when we travel ... #foodrevparty

robinelton I want to PLAN family vacations around new foods! New Orleans especially #foodrevparty #foodrevolution

Q5. What is your favorite recipe to make (w/ the kids) on a hot summers day? #foodrevparty

jenniferberrym Jennifer Berry #foodrevparty fruit kabobs, and anything on the grill- no clean up, my favorite part.

TheOrganicTrail Fruit or green salads are gr8 4 kids. Cut soft melons easy. My 2 yr old knows how 2 use salad spinner like pro! #foodrevparty

Next Party: Tuesday July 12th 2011 4pm PDT/7pm EDT, stay tuned to find out who our guest host is!

Thanks to everyone who took part in this week’s party, we look forward to introducing our guest host and new theme next week.

The Food Revolution Team

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