Twitter Tuesdays – School Health & Wellness Committees

Twitter Tuesdays – School Health & Wellness Committees

Thu 20 Oct 2011

Story by Kim Gerber

The Twitter Revolution never ceases to amaze me and this past Tuesday’s #FoodRevParty was no exception. Parents and advocates gathered to discover and share their past experiences and new ideas for implementing Health & Wellness Committee’s in schools. It is always a pleasure to guest host the #FoodRevParty. Thank you Food Revolution!

Twitter Party: October 18th @ 4pm PST/7pm EDT with @OutoftheBoxFood

Theme: School Health & Wellness Committees

Recipe of the week: Get Inspired to Cook for Food Day! The Food Revolution Team will be making Basic Pizzas with a Seasonal Twist & Chopped Green Salad. Check out this article for more information & inspiration of what to cook. Plus, be sure to upload your Food Day recipes on to the Facebook page.

When my children started kindergarten, I found there was no one to advocate for their nutrition and health at school – there was no Health & Wellness Committee in place. So with a lot of conversation and a bit of time - I started one myself. Now in it’s first year, our Health & Wellness committee is powered by a strong parent-volunteer base and tackles many health & wellness related goals. Such as, availability of fresh fruit to the students, the elimination of flavored milk, physical activity during school hours and the overall awareness of health and nutrition by our students and families. At Tuesday’s #FoodRevParty we gathered to discuss Health & Wellness Committees – What they are, why they work, and how to start them.

Party Questions and Best Tweets

Q1 Does your school have a parent run Health & Wellness Committee? #FoodRevParty #foodrevolution

@healthyhipmama: @OutoftheBoxFood We have a program called "Connect the Dots" #foodrevparty

@Lunchalicious Not yet, but were working on it! ;) #foodrevparty

Q2 What do you think a Health & Wellness Committee should do for a school? #FoodRevParty #foodrevolution

@lanaprekprogram: Q2- encourage guidelines for treats and snacks at school (bdays, etc.)

@Lunchalicious Q2: 1st - Ensure minimum district food and bev guidelines are being followed for school events! #foodrevparty

@woollyschools: start by observing the cafeteria! See what's up! #foodrevparty

Q3 What efforts does your school make to create a healthier campus for the children?
#FoodRevParty #foodrevolution

@healthyhipmama: They work hard on lunches, but u can bring in junk 4 birthdays. #foodrevparty

Q4 If you don’t have a Health & Wellness Committee, what are first steps to getting one started? #FoodRevParty #foodrevolution

@healthyhipmama Attend a PTA meeting and present the research you have done. #foodrevparty

@Lunchalicious Finding other like minded parents to help out and join the team! #foodrevparty

@lanaprekprogram Q4- Emailing the principal and PTO prez would b a place 2 start- Offer to create a survey to send home. #foodrevparty

Q5 What r some basic health & Wellness facts we can present to parents to gather support? In survey, flyers or word of mouth? #foodrevparty

@lanaprekprogram #foodrevparty Q5- More facts 2 share 2 encourage change- how GOOD foods can help brain development and attention span. Who doesn't want that?

Q5 I think the USDA #MyPlate is a tool that can help - it's simple enough for kids and busy parents #foodrevparty

Next Party: Tuesday Tues 25th October @ 7pdt/10edt –hosted by @HealthyHipMama

Thank you to all who joined us this week. Be sure to create your Food Revolution Recipe’s of the Week -to get inspired to cook for Food Day - and post your pictures on the Food Revolution Community Facebook Page. In fact, why not use this as an opportunity to get your kids involved in the kitchen – they may learn to love a some new foods while they’re at it.

About the author: Kim Gerber is the founder of the first Health & Wellness committee at her children’s Los Angeles school as well as being a wife, mom, children’s nutrition advocate and author of, a website dedicated to deconstructing processed kid food and offering fresh alternatives to families.


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