UN Social Media Webcast With UN Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon

UN Social Media Webcast With UN Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon

Fri 16 Sep 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

United Nations Webcast: Live Global Conversation with the UN Secretary-General on Social Media.

As world leaders prepare to gather in New York on the 19th and 20th of September for the United Nations Summit, the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, held a live global conversation on social media earlier in the week. During this conversation anyone across the world could send in their questions as moderator Juju Chang put the questions to the UN Sec Gen to answer during a live web cast.

The UN Summit this year is, for the first time, focusing on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) which encompass smoking, alcohol and diet related diseases. Four of the most prominent NCDs are linked by preventable risk factors such as diet, and being overweight or obese is a MAJOR risk factor (WHO).

We have been supporting the UN Summit and asking our supporters to get involved and make a stand for their country. During the live webcast both Jamie and the Food Revolution team joined others across the world on twitter in asking the UN Sec Gen to hold world leaders accountable for the outcomes of the UN Summit on NCDs.

Jamie also joined in the conversation for the live web cast by tweeting questions to the UN Sec Gen and we were delighted when once of Jamie’s questions was answered. Let’s hope that this raises some much needed awareness about NCDs and the need for more education and legislation to reduce the number of deaths due to NCDs and obesity related diseases.

Below you can see Jamie’s question and read Ban Ki-moons response, you can also watch the live webcast here.
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Juju Chang: As we have been chatting the blogosphere has been going and one of the people caught up in it is our famed chef from England, Jamie Oliver, known as the naked chef, and he asks ‘Over 35 million people die of non communicable diseases every year, how can we reduce this?’

UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki-moon: This is again a totally unacceptable situation; people are dying slowly from these non communicable diseases which are all treatable and curable. That is why the United Nations is condemning the high level Summit meeting from next week at the general assembly, this is for the first time in the history of the United Nations that we are having this high level meeting and we are paying high priority on preventing NCDs. These can be cured by medical support, and can also be prevented by simply changing your lifestyle and life behaviour, obesity or diabetes and all these, you can change your lifestyle, drinking, alcoholism or smoking, by stopping this, again you can save your life.

Juju Chang: Lifestyle diseases, very true, that’s an initiative very dear to Jamie Oliver’s heart.

In support of the UN Summit of NCDs we are asking you to write to your UN Ambassador in New York using The NCD Alliance’s letter template to request your Head of State or Government to attend the summit.

You can download the Letter Template to email to your UN Ambassador here along with information on the global NCDs crisis, contact details for your representative and ways to Tweet or Facebook your Head of State to ask them to attend.

Sample tweet:

UN Sec Gen: Will you hold world leaders accountable for outcomes of #UNSummit on #NCDs? #FoodRevolution [PLEASE RT]

We look forward to hearing about the outcome of the summit next week.

The Food Revolution Team

World Health Organization (WHO) – Non-communicable Disease Prevention and Health Promotion


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