Unique, Healthy Ingredients: A little Different, A lot Beneficial

Unique, Healthy Ingredients: A Little Different, A Lot Beneficial

Fri 20 Jan 2012

Story by The Recipe Diva

New Year = new ideas! The goal of our recent #FoodRevParty was to inspire creative chitchat, specifically about the use of unique, healthy ingredients. What cooking tips can you incorporate into your routine that might improve health? What recipes can you add to the mix to increase nutritional value?

When foodies think “outside the box,” conversation can take on many different shapes and sizes. This week, #FoodRevParty goers shared opinions, gardening tips, humor, recipes, facts, brand recommendations and even favorite spices. Here are a few highlights:

Q1. @RecipeDiva What do you consider “unique” and healthy ingredients?

@theorganictrail For me healthy is wholesome, unprocessed. Unique, something I’ve never tried to use…

@1000plusone I think there's a familiar taste for every "unique" and exotic fruit/veggie.

Q2. @RecipeDiva: Kale is a “unique” ingredient packed full of nutrients & health benefits. Do you ever cook with it?

@lanaprekprogram We grew kale for the first time this year. SUPER easy! I am a novice gardener. If I can do it, anyone can.

@LZXpress There's a group in Mpls that wears kale (only) at the annual May Parade whole new image! #foodrevparty

Q3. @RecipeDiva Do pomegranates ever make it into your kitchen? It’s one of the healthiest fruits & packed full of antioxidants...& it’s unique!

@theorganictrail One of my favorite pomegranate recipes. So yummy...even my kids liked it.

Q4. @RecipeDiva Another unique/healthy ingredient for conversation: flaxseed. Do you ever cook with it?

@LZXpress This smoothie recipe uses flax seed oil. Is there a big difference in seed vs oil?

@ChristysChomp Bobs Red Mill is a brand that is @ most grocery stores. Flaxseeds r already ground & ready 2 use! Very convenient.

Q5. @RecipeDiva: What unique/healthy ingredients are we overlooking as part of this convo? Other suggestions?

@Ciocia Not foods but some spices: juniper berries, for e.g. easier to find now And galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves

@twEatrite cilantro: rich herbal source of vitamin K + other goodness, in sandwiches, salads, all over!

@ChristysChomp I am the cilantro queen! Hands-down my favorite herb.

@1000plusone speaking of spices, I love sumac and find it very unique

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