Valor Academy, LA Food Revolution

Valor Academy, LA Food Revolution

Fri 27 May 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Last week, Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution team received an exciting parcel – one that had come all the way from a school in Los Angeles!

We were so proud to open a big packet of cards and letters from Valor Academy Charter School. This year at Valor Academy, the Food Revolution was introduced into the physical education curriculum, where students would watch episodes of the Food Revolution and reflect on what it meant to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The Academy is made up of fifth and sixth graders, and structured to inspire them to aim for college – instead of classroom numbers, they use university names. Two of these ‘universities’ have taken the time to write to Jamie and reflect on what they’ve learned from watching the Food Revolution in P.E class and how much of a difference it has made to them. Juan Muñoz Reyez even gave Jamie the honor of becoming a big Valor Lion!

Arturo Meza wrote to tell him: “Valor Academy is the best for making big changes like you are doing in L.A., we respect you for helping us make a big change. Thank you very much for helping me and Valor.”

His classmate Kate Moncloud said: “I learned that you have to eat more healthy stuff and you have to know where your food comes from. I’ve started to eat fruit every day.”
It’s great to read that all the kids have given their support to the campaign, and say watching the show has really made them think about making healthier diet and exercise choices.

And Leslie Aguiler made our day by telling us she’s not eaten a chicken nugget since Jamie showed her how they are made.

There were also some great drawings! Myca drew a great carrot and celery stick on her card, as well as chicken nuggets behind a red ‘stop’ sign. Just what we like to see! She says she has started to bike with her brother for exercise.

The letters and cards all said Valor Academy serves them good food, with healthy choices and salad – but they want rid of the dreaded chocolate milk. Nicholas is spot on when he writes: “Something my school needs to improve on is taking away chocolate flavored milk. We know you would prefer white milk than flavored milk.”

But after watching the show, they say they’re choosing the white milk more often. Keep it up guys!

“I hope you can continue to fight for us, brother”, writes Abner. We certainly will. Thanks for all your support, Valor Academy.

The Food Revolution Team


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