Vegetable Marketing with Culinary and Nutrition Education

Vegetable Marketing With Culinary And Nutrition Education

Thu 22 Aug 2013

Story by Nina Colangelo

Veggiecation was created by, certified nutritionist, Lisa Suriano, MS with the purpose of marketing vegetables to children and communities. Given the vast amount of resources that are put into advertising junk foods to kids, Lisa has made it her mission to counter-attack those efforts via nutrition education. “Fighting fire with fire!” as she says.

Veggiecation was developed to provide supplementary materials for existing curriculums in schools across the nation. Lisa worked in the school food industry for many years saw first-hand that nutrition education was not being taught in school. The Veggiecation materials allow educators to incorporate vegetable messaging in lessons such as math, science, and art.

The marketing campaign for vegetables is based upon:

•Veggiecation’s enchanting vegetable characters
•Messaging that highlights their health benefits most relevant to young minds and bodies
•Tastings of simple plant-based recipes

Veggiecation has evolved into a more interactive, hands-on program. While the marketing component is still the key to Veggiecation’s success, the focus has shifted to developing culinary skills.

In her latest venture, Lisa hopes to empower individuals with the Veggiecation Educator Training Workshop by giving them the tools to teach the healthy kids cooking classes that Veggiecation has become so well-known for.

Healthy Kids Cooking Classes

A few years ago, Lisa was approached by the Whole Foods Market in the Upper West Side of New York City. Their marketing team asked her to partner with them to offer their customers healthy kids cooking classes. Lisa already had over 150 recipes to work with and the educational materials to support the class, Whole Foods, of course, had the high quality produce to offer – it was a perfect match! The classes were an instant hit and within six months, Veggiecation could be found in over twenty stores in NY, NJ, and CT.

As the classes have gained popularity both in Whole Foods and with other outside organizations, it became clear that the style of teaching and the formula for the classes worked to create a simple, fun, and effective method for introducing culinary skills and nutrition education to children.

Veggiecator Training

The training program has been designed to provide individuals with the tools and skills needed to teach their own healthy kids cooking classes. Veggiecators will be independent contractors and are encouraged to use the Veggiecation brand and methods to build their own business.

A three-hour online training, hosted by Lisa herself, covers everything from food safety to creating engaging cooking experiences. Veggiecators receive the following resources with their training:

•A Portable Cooking Kit including a Veggiecation Apron
•A license to use Veggiecation branded images and materials
•Veggiecation Posters & Recipes

Upon training, Veggiecators will have the ongoing support of Lisa and the Veggiecation Team as well as the opportunity to join the Veggiecator Education Network complete with marketing materials, email, and their own Veggiecation webpage.

Stand Up for Fresh Food

The Veggiecator Training Program was developed to inspire and encourage people to stand up for whole, healthy foods and food education. Lisa Suriano and the Veggiecation team hope to empower people with the knowledge that eating healthy can be simple, affordable and oh-so-delicious!

At the end of the day, cooking and eating should not be a passive activity. Veggiecation wants people to celebrate life with food that’s made consciously, by them and for their health.

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About the author: Nina Colangelo is the Assistant Program Director for Veggiecation


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