What Are You Planning For National Food Day?

What Are You Planning For National Food Day?

Thu 20 Oct 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The first ever National Food Day, October 24th is fast approaching.

Organized by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Food Day seeks to bring together Americans from all walks of life to “eat real” and asks us to show our support for healthy, affordable food, produced in a sustainable and humane way. Here at the Food Revolution, we are encouraging you to take part in Food Day and cook a fresh, seasonal meal from scratch, and then teach someone how to prepare it, step by step. Find out more about Food Day and how to get involved here and check out some of our Food Revolution cook-off recipes submitted by the amazing Food Revolution community for some inspiration on what you can cook and teach others to make too.

Across the nation people will be meeting for thousands of events and some of our amazing Food Revolution community groups have their own planned:

The Boise, ID Food Revolution community group are joining an event put on by a local college to celebrate Food Day. They will be taking part in a lunch made from entirely local ingredients, connecting with other likeminded individuals and joining a discussion with Campus Sustainability Stewards to help connect local farmers with students, staff, faculty members and community members

The Noodleonthat Food Revolution are hosting a Fall Gathering Dinner Party for those who have participated in the School Garden, community members and organizations and those who have helped the Noodleonthat Revolution grow so far. Hosted at the local elementary school (and hopefully outside weather permitting!), Noodleonthat Revolution will be serving a menu of vegetable and barley soup, chicken and vegetable soup with squiggly noodles, garden salad and bread, followed by fruit drizzled in a honey yogurt sauce, and handing out recipes and information to attendees.

Food Revolution Snohomish Co community have lots planned for Food Day when they will be helping to host a big event at Edmonds Community College with PCC (local co-op) and Full Circle Farm (local CSA) in order to educate their local community on food. Their Food Day activities include - veggie based games in the ‘Junk Food Hall of Shame’, food demos and a fruit and veggie sampling sessions with 100 kids, screening FRESH the movie, discussing the 6 principles of Food Day and piloting their Menu for the Future program – a 6 session discussion on food issues. They also already have big plans for next year when they hope to facilitate more outside of college.

Arizona Kids Food Revolution are teaming up with their local village farm to do a demonstration of healthy salad dressings – all with produce from the farm. They hope to engage kids at the event to get involved and mix up their own dressings too.

The Rio Grande Food Revolution are working with a small group in New Mexico to encourage community potlucks with healthy dishes using local or home-grown items and are hoping to engage their community in discussions on a number of food talking points such as; where your food comes from, how have food and meals changed in your lifetime, and what foods are served in local schools and where that food comes from. Food Day also inspired the Rio Grande Revolution to create a Local Food Month Initiative which aims to highlight all of the activities and events happening during October that are focused on food, agriculture and health, including the annual Local Food Festival and Field Day held on October 9th. Rio Grande are also including students at the Northern New Mexico College as part of their outreach, through a week of Food Day activities. Find out more about Food Day New Mexico here.

The Food Revolution team in London are getting together for a fresh, seasonal, from scratch meal, which we will be making together and sharing with others in our office. We’ll be making pizzas from scratch with seasonal toppings, served alongside our everyday green salad.

We want to know all about what you are doing for Food Day so upload all your plans and photos on the Food Revolution Community Page.

Here’s to celebrating fresh, local, wholesome and sustainable food!

The Food Revolution Team


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