What Are Your 2013 Food Revolution Goals?

What Are Your 2013 Food Revolution Goals?

Mon 05 Aug 2013

Story by Sarah Curl

Last month we wanted to reignite the Food Revolution throughout communities and cities around the world so set our ambassadors the task of coming up with their Food Revolution goals.

From Argentina to South Africa and France to Tonga, ambassadors brainstormed and came up with some amazing ways to kick-start Food Revolutions through hundreds of cities. No matter what you want to accomplish in the coming months, reading these goals will help inspire you to get started.

Mikinna Poling | Buckhannon, West Virginia
1. When the new year of school starts for elementary students, organize a day of Food Education with public speakers and hands on activities through our food nutrition director.
2. Get the Future Farmers of America program involved with the Food Revolution (good food is usually local).
3. Get the local media involved with Food Revolution.

Natalie Montanaro | Tongatapu, Tonga
1. Eat out less and cook more with friends in foreign countries.
2. Begin writing my cookbook, especially the recipes for all the foods I learned to make from people I've met overseas.
3. Get my university students to sign a pledge that we make together to be better consumers of healthier foods in their community.

Noelia Fernández | Buenos Aires, Argentina
1. Motivate more people to have their own green garden.
2. Have a closer relationship to the ambassadors from my country to make something bigger this year.
3. Try to reach more media about what Food Revolution is.

Sharon Badian | Boulder, Colorado
1. Get 3 new groups signed up for cooking classes before the end of the year. I already have my Univ. of Colorado group asking for classes this fall again.
2. Contact the reference librarian at our local library for help on a marketing plan. They are a great resource and I so need help on marketing my non-profit cooking school.
3. Develop my class materials so that other people can use them, allowing others to teach basic cooking skills.

Virginia Mayer | Guateng, South Africa
1. I want to start and introduce the idea of potluck dinner clubs. The host is to suggest that each guest brings an ingredient from a certain food group. The guests will also have to find out the exact source of their ingredient, so as to raise awareness of where our food is coming from.
2. I will start a gardening project with my friend’s 6-year-old niece and two of her friends. We will watch and nurture their garden patch grow together.
3. I will speak to local schools about their food education and what their current policies/programs are. I'll discover general trends and identify where solutions can be implemented.

Donna Castellano | Middletown, New Jersey
1. My upcoming goals include expanding my school garden program at Nut Swamp Elementary school here in Middletown, by getting more parents and teachers involved and using the garden as part of their curriculum. Over the summer I plan to have a "plant and play" date with the kids as we begin to turn over the garden for fall and plant our sugar pumpkins. This is a great way to involve those who are interested in helping from our school and get the kids interested in gardening.
2. Secondly, I will also have my own bulletin board for nutrition education in the main hallway of our school. This will be the hub for many of my nutrition education information and resources for parents, teachers, staff and students. I will be advertising for Food Day, on Oct. 24th and setting up our second Fruit and Veggie challenge in honor of Food Day!
3. My third goal is to create a blog to share all the important work I'm doing so that others can become inspired and learn from my own trials, errors and experiences!

Madeleine Montabert | Provence, France
1. To get in touch with other Ambassadors in France to try to make something big together next year,
2. To talk to local press to let them know Food Revolution which is quite unknown in our area and
3. To promote Food Revolution message through social networking and blog by posting monthly easy healthy recipe with link to Food Rev website.

Alix Rech | London, UK
1. Create a 2nd event promoting healthy eating in my community (local school and maybe visit an allotment in September).
2. Meet more Food Revolution ambassadors in London and other places and share our ideas and hopes for the future.
3. Start thinking about FRD2014 and make it a bigger event than FRD2013. In which way? On FRD2013, we got people from all different backgrounds to try healthy home made recipes, and inspired a university fellow to become a Food Revolution Ambassador. Next year, I would like my Food Revolution Day to have an even greater impact, so I should start thinking about it now!

Thank you!

A big thank you to all the Ambassadors who continued the Food Revolution in their community every month!

We announced August’s Monthly Challenges last week so make sure you check them out!

Interested in becoming an Ambassador to help kick start a Food Revolution in your community? Apply today!

Find out more about the ambassador program and how you can get involved here.

About the author: Sarah Curl is the Food Revolution Community Manager for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. Connect with Sarah on Twitter: @sarahanncurl

Photo Credit: Ambassadors Lindsey Shifley, USA, Daiana Colceriu, Romania, Robyn Lee, Australia, Donna Castellano, USA and Gabriela Fretes, Paraguay.

This month we received beautiful photos of the Simplest Fruit Salad, which were sent in by our Ambassadors. We’ve been showcasing these on all our social media platforms over the past couple of weeks and these are among some of our favorites including simple fruit salad cooking classes in action!


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