What Does The Food Movement Mean To You?

What Does The Food Movement Mean To You?

Fri 04 Apr 2014

Story by Rommie Johnson

The Nourish initiative recently published a blog post that asks the thought-provoking question, "What does the food movement mean to you?" It's a question Nourish has put to a lot of people over the years—from authors and activists to chefs and filmmakers—and it's also one that has elicited a wide variety of thoughtful replies.

Each individual, it seems, has their own perspective—and it's partly through sharing these unique views that the conversation about food and sustainability moves forward. Nourish aims to facilitate that kind of productive dialogue with the ultimate goal of increasing food literacy.

Responses are starting to roll in with a diversity of different viewpoints. Commenters have said:

• “The food movement is about creating good food, good jobs, and good community.” – Angela DNATLFood
• “It means access to food that truly is medicine.” – @BerkeleyNaturopathic
• “The food movement is about getting the dialogue started and finding ways that everyone can have access to delicious, nutritious food.” – Amy Trimbo
• “The food movement means we’re all in this together.” – LeftOverFoodie

Add your voice to the mix by visiting the Nourish blog and sharing your thoughts in the comments.

To keep things fun, Nourish is offering an assortment of prizes to selected participants, donated by partner organizations including the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, The Edible Schoolyard Project, Food Day, and the Small Planet Institute.

So head on over to the Nourish blog and share what the food movement means to you!

About the Author: Former food journalist and restaurateur Rommie Johnson is the Content and Social Media Coordinator for Nourish, educational initiative designed to open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability


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