What Will You Resolve To Do in 2013?

What Will You Resolve To Do In 2013?

Wed 30 Jan 2013

Story by The Food Revolution Team

As we entered 2013, we've been asking our community what their New Year resolutions are and what small changes they plan to make in 2013 that will make a big difference to their health.

We kicked off the year with an article from Dr Walter Willet at the Harvard School of Public Health, with some great simple ideas of how to eat better and get active – from using your lunch break a few times a week to take a walk to filling half of your plate with fruit and veggies at every meal and cutting out sugar-sweetened beverages. You can see the full article and fantastic advice from Dr Willet on how to keep to those notoriously difficult resolutions here.

Since then, we've been posting more articles and blogs on our site from community members and ambassadors all explaining what they plan to do differently this year, and what their food and family goals are for 2013.

From eating more veggies, mustering more cooking gumption and getting friends and family in the kitchen like Lindsey Shifley, finding a healthy balance and working towards healthier nutritional habits like Alix Rech, growing a garden and serving food family style like Stacy Whitman to creating better futures for our children through community gardens and food education initiatives like Claire O’Meara, our community have really been thinking about how to make some real changes in 2013!

Are you looking for some inspiration for what you can do to make a real difference this year? Here are some more ideas from our online community!

Jeanna Jackson White Eating more natural food, less processed!
Your Food Story Strive to be conscious of what we eat and where it comes from and to impart this to our children.
Kelly Lewadniuk Trying to eliminate processed foods, I know I won’t but I can definitely improve a lot and so far so good! I’ve been baking bread, making stock and removing tons of shortcuts in my cooking, feeling better already 9 days in!
Yumbox Make a concentrated effort on reusing leftovers, not doing too many impulse food purchases (kids collect pet shops and I seem to collect spices and hot sauces), and be more aware of portion sizes that my kids actually eat.
Vintage Cookbooks – Diversify the healthy foods that I’m eating… less rice, less oats, more quinoa, more varieties of beans and legumes.

If you’re still not inspired to adopt or keep a New Year resolution for 2013, then check out this article from one of our Food Revolution heroes, whose goal to learn to cook became a life journey and far outlived its resolution status!

Share your food and family resolutions for 2013 with us on facebook and twitter using the hash tag #newyearsrev and stay tuned to hear great ideas and initiatives!

Remember, those small changes can really make a big difference.

The Food Revolution Team


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