What would you change about school food?

What Would You Change About School Food?

Thu 30 Sep 2010

Story by Janey Gourlay

The Facebook Food Revolution community is always growing and ready to speak out. Last week we posted the question "If you could change one thing about school food what would it be?" With over 350 responses it sparked great conversation and opinion that we wanted to share. Here is our pick some of the community’s responses.

Ruth Carr Stewart Treat meals at school as an opportunity to build healthy bodies and minds. School breakfast and lunch are now treated as a necessity to prevent hunger and we are missing enormous opportunities to lay a foundation for good health for years to come.

Teri Fulfer Hersee the amount of fried stuff.... or adding more volunteers to sit at each table & help make eating the fruits & veggies interesting & encourage the kids to finish the good parts that are already available.

Elizabeth Froelich Roach If I could only change one thing, it would be sugar content. There would be less incidents of "bad" behavior and with attention span as well as participation in the classroom.

Kim Mattox I would like to see a salad bar at least once a week.

Linda Murphy Change the 'corporate sponsorship' rules...no MacDonald, Coke, Frito Lays....mandate that every school include a garden on premises to grow real food and incorporate the garden learning into science, teamwork, home economics, etc.
Jessy Henderson The time they have to eat it in. They just cut lunch hour again. The kids have 15 minutes to eat now and that includes standing in line to get their food. There is no way 200 children can be served and have time to eat in 15 minutes.
Donna R. Cole Carter make the junk/fried/processed food completely unavailable so the ONLY choices available are fresh and wholesome.

Maverick Gibson I think like any restaurant, schools should have to supply or have available a menu containing the nutritional value of all lunches and the children should be educated on what all of those values mean, so they can learn to make healthy decisions on their own! Maybe then they could even teach some of their parents a lesson or 2!

Rebekah Lynch Fox have a kitchen at out school, not just warming facilities for prepackaged food!

Jessica Kagle I think the first thing I would like to do is involve the kids in their own food. Have it be part of the curriculum in every possible way - from growing what they can, to helping plan the menus, to sourcing the products, to even making some of it themselves. Even in a big public school not prepared to add food gardens, planning the menus, testing recipes, and researching the food sources, can be important curriculum - math, civics, geography, etc. The kids are the bulk of the school, use what you've got and empower them!

Danielle Woods Monreal Eliminate the "bad" if they only have healthy options they can't make a bad choice.

School Food Survey

The Food Revolution has teamed up with Healthy Child Healthy World and MomsRising to do an informal survey. We’re asking people from across the US about their concerns to find out exactly what they’re thinking about school food. Take part here and we will report on the results next month.

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