Why a 10-year Old Thinks Being Healthy is Cool

Why A 10-year Old Thinks Being Healthy Is Cool

Mon 10 Mar 2014

Story by Amber

Hi! My name is Amber, and I am a 10-year-old kid who loves to cook. I want you to know that kids CAN cook healthy foods, and that it’s super easy and DELICIOUS too! It’s awesome that Food Revolution is also teaching people about good healthy food.

Being healthy is cool, and I’ll tell you why:
1. It helps you do better in sports.
2. It helps you learn better, so homework is a lot easier!
3. It helps you look your best; a healthy body means healthy skin and hair!
4. It makes you FEEL GOOD. You’re less likely to get sick, and you’ll be in a better mood too!

If those aren’t good enough reasons, here is another: It’s SUPER YUMMY! A lot of kids may think that healthy foods are foods like mushy broccoli and plain lettuce…but it’s just NOT TRUE! Think about frozen peanut butter banana bites, creamy coconut and lime soup, granola parfaits, turkey chilli…don’t those sound good? Not only are they awesome (and kid-approved), they are also easy and fun to make! Kids can cook too, and healthy foods are some of the simplest foods to make.

You don’t have to give up anything…just add good stuff to your meals! Try having one healthy food with each meal and snack. If you want ideas, Food Revolution’s website has a ton! You can also go to my website for my favourite recipes. Some, like “Salad on a Stick”, are so easy they aren’t really even recipes: they are just fun to make and fun to eat.

Thank you, Food Revolution, for being so awesome and teaching kids about food!

About the author: Amber is a 10-year old healthy kid chef, cooking show host, TV personality, and 5th grader. She knows that eating well, moving well, and thinking well are keys to a happy life. She wants all kids to know that “Being healthy is COOL!” She is the host of her own cooking show, “Cook With Amber” and appears regularly on her local news program to share healthy recipes. Amber has been recognized by the First Lady Michelle Obama for her work, has appeared on national TV shows such as The Today Show, and is also a member of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Network.
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