Work it! Food Revolution Day 2013 on the Job

Work It! Food Revolution Day 2013 On The Job

Wed 15 May 2013

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

We all work better when we are properly fuelled with a diet of fresh, healthy food. From the morning alarm bell to the end of the day whistle blow, more often than not the worker bees of the world put their wellness low on the priority list. The time has come to take a few simple steps to change this on Food Revolution Day this Friday, May 17th.

Re-think your work-week routine and make a real difference in your own health and that of your co-workers too. With just a few days to go before Food Revolution Day, you won’t likely change up the grub on offer in the cafeteria, but you can stage a mini-revolution with these easy-to-pull-off ideas:

The Breakfast Club: Deliver your workmates from the daily routine of skipping breakfast all together or taking the short cut with a store bought bagel or doughnut. Reinstate breakfast in its rightful place as the most important meal of the day by bringing a blender to work and setting up a smoothie stand to sooth the morning hunger beast. Model the DK publishing team in Munich, Germany and get everyone involved in making their own combinations with honey, ground nuts, frozen or fresh berries, fresh ginger or porridge oats. Ask co-workers to pitch in by bringing some homemade granola or complex-carb package home-made muffins.

Brown Bag It: Skip the canteen and tote your own lunch to the office. Fill your sack with local fresh fruit, a roasted veggie sandwich on grainy bread, or a leafy green salad with some grilled chicken or salmon. Take a cue from office food revolutionary, Regula Ysewijn in Antwerp, Belgium who’s all about using last night’s dinner for today’s healthy lunch.

Drink it In: Alternatives to High Caffeine and Sugary Drinks. No one can resist a lemonade stand, not even at the office. Bring in some pitchers and fill them with icy cold water, refreshed with any combination of lemon, lime, fresh berries, and mint. Tempt your co-workers with a cocktail looking twist on the purest drink of all: water.

Take It Outside: Banish the at-your-desk lunch on Friday and encourage an all-office picnic on your company grounds or at a nearby park. Make it a potluck affair with everyone contributing their own take on a healthy lunch item. Chances are productivity will go up following a nutritious lunch and the chance to build community amongst co-workers under a big, blue sky. The folks at ChangeLab Solutions in Oakland, CA are taking it one step further with a morning outing to a local farmer’s market followed by an all-hands-on-deck group lunch incorporating the fresh goods into their lunch time meal.

Meeting of the Minds: Carve out some time on FRD to talk with your co-workers about taking steps to improve health and wellness at the office. Google is making a global push to put a fine point on employee wellness with Food Revolution Day activities in their offices, including a nutritionist talk in Tel Avi, an employee recipe contest in St. Petersburg, and a ‘Googlers Can Cook’ lunch party in Singapore.

Spark the conversation and get a committee organized to look at innovative ways for employees to fresh, healthy food at work, whether it’s provided in the cafeteria or brought from home. It’s never too early to get in the game for Food Revolution Day 2014!

Work hard, play hard: Friday night after work is the perfect time to organize your mates at the office to go for a 5k run or walk, hit the gym en masse or ruck up a softball or football game. And if you’re not in the competitive spirit, organize a group dinner at a local restaurant that specializes in locally produced, fresh fare or event host a dinner party or potluck at home!

No matter how big or small, be sure to post your activity on our Food Revolution Day global map and bring the Food Revolution to your colleagues this Friday!

The Food Revolution Day Team

Image: Fifteen Cornwall


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