Young People, Stand Up For Real Food!

Young People, Stand Up For Real Food!

Tue 15 May 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

The first ever Food Revolution Day is now just around the corner, and so far there are already over 750 events taking place in over 490 cities across 44 countries, ranging from private dinner parties, to cooking classes, farmer’s market tours and community potlucks.

Food Revolution Day provides an opportunity for people all over the world to come together and celebrate real food, share their expertise and connect with their communities to start the conversation on local food issues. And that includes youth!

Food Revolution Day gives youth the opportunity to join forces with their local communities and other young people across the globe, and to stand up and demand better food education on May 19. After all it’s their generation that will inherit the global epidemic of diet related diseases, which has already led to 43 million children under the age of 5 being overweight and kills an estimated 2.8 million people a year.

With that in mind we’ve partnered with a number of great international youth organisations, who are lending their voices to our call for better food education and joining the global movement on May 19.

Here are just some of the activities they have planned for Food Revolution Day:

One Young World Benin - Have put together a tasty picnic, comprising of real local produce and a traditional dish from Benin called ‘Mantinjan’.

Thought For Food - Have mobilised universities across the world and have challenged students, to come up with creative events for Food Revolution Day to deal with food wastage.

Sprouts Cooking Club - Hosted a huge fundraiser for Jamie’s Food Revolution, they cooked up a real treat for guests, with kids helping to create dishes.

Add Your Voice And Join Us In Standing Up For REAL Food!

The youth of today are the ones who can really help make a difference and change the future. Here’s how you can get started…

1. Sign the pledge – a really simple way to get involved with Food Revolution Day, follow this link and hit the ‘Pledge Your School’ button, and stand up for real food!

2. Send a Tweet – show your support for Food Revolution Day on Twitter, copy and paste this Tweet and help get #FoodRevolution trending: I’m helping @jamieoliver bring back food education. Sign the pledge & join me in standing up for REAL food!

3. Download our free eBook - and start a Food Revolution on campus with our ‘30 Ideas to Start a Food Revolution at School’!

Let’s stand up for real food, and make our voices heard on May 19!

The Food Revolution Day Team


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