YOUR Tips & Ideas for Halloween!

YOUR Tips & Ideas For Halloween!

Tue 29 Oct 2013

Story by Food Revolution Team

With Halloween just around the corner, we asked our amazing Food Revolution community what they are doing to celebrate, and what tricks they have up their sleeves when it comes to skipping some of the junk that Halloween is often renowned for.

Whether it is making treats at home from scratch rather than buying ones that are already made, or switching them out for healthier versions, these suggestions and tips should help you mix up your Halloween and make it the best yet!

How are you celebrating Halloween?

“I am taping Jack-o'-lantern faces, cats, owls, etc. on the skins of Clementine’s. I am doing grape kabobs with alternating green and purple grapes. I would also like to do a veggie tray with Greek yogurt based dip.” – Jayna Treen | Akron, Ohio

“Popcorn, apple cider, bobbing for apples...we do a countdown days before to keep the kids moving… and a haunted scavenger hunt in the neighborhood. We ‘boo’ our neighbors by ringing their doorbell leaving a Halloween-themed present and running away. And of course, carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds. Eat dinner before trick or treating. Our dentist is buying back our candy! I think this is a ‘free hall pass’ night but then you need to toss it!” – Amy Wambold | Scottsdale, Arizona

“Fruit treats at the Halloween party. Seriously, minimal effort here, and the kids loved both! Purple and Green grape skewers and Jack-o’-lantern Clementine's. My son James helped me draw the faces.” –Jennifer Blakeney | Los Angeles, California

“Also as far as ‘real’ Halloween goodies for trick-or-treating, I'm collaborating again with my daughter’s school in a Trunk-or-Treat party with healthy homemade goodies for the kiddies!” – Briana Cardone | Long Grove, Illinois

“For Halloween, we're teaching kids to make pumpkin mac & cheese.” – Josh Kroner | Rhineback, New York

“Fruit salad filled Jack-o’-lanterns! There are SO many fun and festive ways to celebrate Halloween without junk food at school!!!!” – Jennifer Matthies | Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Extra tips to ensure a fun and healthy Halloween:
• Have your kids get dressed up and play games in order to take the focus off of the candy and sweet treats.
• Serve water with fresh fruit and veggies.
• Make sure your kids have a balanced meal before going to Halloween parties or trick-or-treating.
• Have a bobbing for apples contest in the classroom or at home instead of passing around candy.
• Encourage eating pumpkin seeds and made-from-scratch popcorn as festive alternatives.

This Halloween, we’ll be trying out this exclusive ‘Rocky Road Kill’ recipe as a real treat from Jamie. However you are marking the day – whether dressing up, cooking your own treats or getting your kids in the kitchen, we want to hear about it! Share your images, stories and recipes with us on our Food Revolution Community page and have a happy Halloween!

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