"Imagine a world where children were fed tasty and nutritious, real food at school from the age of 4 to 18. A world where every child was educated about how amazing food is, where it comes from, how it affects the body and how it can save their lives". - Jamie Oliver

Our Food Revolution Toolkits are designed to inspire you to start a Food Revolution in your school and help ensure kids get real food on their lunch trays. These toolkits arm you with facts, empower you with ideas, and support you in making real change on the ground. Our team has worked with experts in the field to create toolkits specific to a number of different issues facing our schools. They are meant to be used, printed, shared and passed on! Together we have an opportunity to support schools in making sustainable change.

Along with our toolkits there are also initiatives that both your school and community could be a part of. Check out a few of our favorites:

Using these three toolkits, you’ll be able to find out exactly what's served both in and out of the cafeteria, garner support to help you in your campaign, and work with your school to help make a real difference.

Flavored milk is an added source of sugar that our kids just don't need. These toolkits will arm you with the truth about flavored milk and added sugar and show you how to work with your school to limit or remove it from the menu.

Some of our partner organisations have created these three toolkits to help you build a stronger campaign, armed with even more information and options for change.


Check out these three partner toolkits for more information on the new rule for snacks and beverages sold in schools and how you can help bag the junk and provide healthier options.





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